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    If Linux became dominant on the desktop, I'd have to start running BSD so I could feel smug and superior. As running BSD requires growing a beard and wearing braces I don't think I could do it.

    I suppose I could go back to Windows just to be arsey!
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    On the contrary the linux desktop has never been more ready for the average computer user. It is getting better all the time and at the same time easier to use. One cannot count the number of Linux users. Has anyone tried to ascertain who is using Linux or how many copies of the various distros have been passed around?

    There is plenty of help available from the various forums and the individuals who contribute unselfishly to these forums. Try getting help on Windows!! There is no comparison. Linux is stable and reliable. More and more software vendors are producing linux versions of their software as well. Why?? They can see in which direction linux is heading and it makes sense to write Linux applications. There is also economics involved here! I have been using linux for the last 3 years and will not go back to windoze. I currently run Ubuntu 10.04 on my desktop and Fedora 13 on my laptop. Linux ROCKS!!

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