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    indoor garden questions, mainly about power

    When I move later in the year, I will finally have the chance to eat healthy like I've been wanting to (leaving college and parents and getting job etc). I'm interested in experimenting with vegetable growing, and maybe mini fruit trees and non-tree fruits like strawberries. I will hopefully be at home all the time, maybe from a telecommuting job, so will be bored and able to watch over the plants.

    I've heard HPS (high pressure sodium) lights are the best, and provide the most lumens per watt, but they say to use one 400 watt bulb per 3x3 ft area, or 2500 lumens per square foot. Aren't most circuits only rated for about 1800 watts or so? How do you save on power to not overload circuits? Or can you use less than 2500 lumens per square foot? I will be in an apartment so setting up solar panels may or may not be practical? Do they produce much power anyway? Though I will have a deck or patio for any apartment around here.

    Are there other creative ways to generate electricity at home?

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    My bath lights are 8 75w bulbs.



    voltage 110

    bath lights


    I= 5.4A for my bathroom lights

    Your light

    Most home curcits 15A

    I run a dozen aquarium sum with plants.
    cost about $150 mo.
    Use timers and check out hydroponics sites.

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