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    I started with Ubuntu 8.04. I had a slightly broken install, but loved it anyway. Haven't had windows on my personal computer since.

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    My first experience was with Red Hat 6 and it was a bear.
    Never did get everything working so I gave up after 2 more releases.
    Then I saw a Linux magazine that had a Cd with it. It was the first release of Ubuntu.
    I tried it and pretty much felt it would never make it.

    Left Linux and went back to Windows.
    Then someone told me about Knoppix.
    I downloaded it and tried it. I was hooked!
    Everything worked and being the DVD version, it had everything.

    So I tried Red Hat again, then Fedora. Still had dependency hell problems.
    Started looking around and saw Ubuntu was still around and was just releasing Fiesty Fawn. Downloaded it. Worked pretty darn good. Still dual booted with XP until 2 1/2 years ago when I gave Microsoft the boot and have been using Ubuntu and several other distros in VirtualBox.

    Love the freedom and the amount of productivity I gained by not having to do virus scans, defrags, long winded updates and numerous reboots.

    Keeping an open mind and having determination really helps when learning Linux.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elija View Post
    I wouldn't call it love at first install. I have recently found my first distro - Red Hat 5 (on a Sams Teach Yourself Linux in 24 hours book which is from 1998 - 1999) . I kept coming back and running away again and it wasn't until 2005 - 2006 that I started using Linux exclusively at home.

    Thinking about it, I still have a laptop from 1998 - 1999.... I wonder...
    I got on with Redhat 5.2 Deluxe edition (2 Cd set) that was on sale at best buy for $5.99 and I thought huh, what's Linux?! Was it really that long ago.....1999- 2000? Man, time flies when you're having fun.

    EDIT: I Looked on Amazon.
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    I'll admit, if I hadn't got Internet configured in Mandrake 8.2 back in 2002, I might have caved. I can remember one huge moment of frustration, jumping up and almost putting my fist through a wall because I couldn't figure out how to open and compile a tar.gz after a long time trying. I didn't realise at the time that I needed to install rpm's. I also went through a period of longing for the familiar Windows interface and trying (in vain) to make my Mandrake install as much like Windows as I could. The carrot though was always there: If I stuck it out and learned it, it would be invaluable to me in my broadcast radio business. Luckily I did and it has.
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    Quote Originally Posted by asifnaz View Post
    Linux is not love at first sight by the way
    Speak for yourself! For me it was definitely love at first sight (and this was Redhat 6 which was a bit ancient even at that time). But then I was used to working on mainframe computers so Linux was a bit like coming home to me after Windows.

    But I must admit, I didn't much like Ubuntu when I first installed it and I still don't.
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    My first linux os was suse which does not offer help unless you pay for it.
    My frustration with spending a lot of money trying to securely use windows on the internet eventually forced me into using linux.

    My only frustrations come from being computer illiterate on a grand scale; but thanks to the kind hearted help of linux community members I am completely free of Microsoft!!!!

    If I can not get something to work I just move on. I realize now that having a store bought computer is a big drawback that keeps me from trying other distros than the Ubuntu 8.04 I am running now!!
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    Not at all!
    The Jackalope cought my attention for awhile. The CLI was like going back to DOS, but more fun. I favor Debian-based distros and use Slackware-based distros to get to the mechanics of linux.
    Go Ducks!

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    In the mid to late 90s I was using DOS 6.22. My son came in
    while I was out and installed Windows 3.11. It took up almost
    my entire 120 meg hard drive. I wasn't impressed. I had no internet,
    but there was a local dial-up bulletin board with a chat room.

    Then I got redhat 5.2. I thought it was cool, though I never
    went on line with it, and the computer wasn't powerful enough
    to make the graphical interface worth using.

    It wasn't until 2001 that I had a decent computer and internet
    service. I installed redhat 7.2, dual booting with Windows 98.
    I even got the internal winmodem working, and used it as a
    gateway for other computers in my household.

    I have also used slackware and debian, but I love Ubuntu.
    I generally keep four or five command terminals open, because,
    even though the GUI tools have improved enormously,
    I love the CLI!

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    I didnt like it too much at first. mainly because I had a lot of questions and no answers. then I found someone who could mentor me and have been loving linux ever sense.

    I only use it for a server environment though. I do not like it so much for workstation yet

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