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    Did you hate Linux when you first time used it

    Well I hated Ubuntu it was my first Linux experience . It was about 6 months ago I requested for an Ubuntu CD it arrived I dual booted it with XP and I absolutely hated it thinking it was too difficult
    and lacks compatibility .
    But I kept experimenting with it and with the help of wonderful community I was able to explore and slowly I began to fall in love
    with it .

    Linux is not love at first sight by the way

    I completely formated Xp and now use Ubuntu as the only OS .Now I wonder why everybody is not using this wonderful OS .
    When I ask my friends the question "why don't you use Ubuntu or Linux in general" ..they reply " its command based and very difficult and is for only technical people "

    When I show them my Pc running ubuntu and tell them how stable and reliable it is tell them about free and open softwares
    they are surprised .Many of my friends are dual booting Ubuntu .
    I hope they will be all Linux soon .

    I want all Ubuntu users to join computing forums and tell the people that Linux is very user friendly and it is no more for "techies only" now
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    I did not hate it but it was different from anything I had ever tried and so very confusing 10-15 years ago. Very little documentation available and I had no Internet access but I stuck with it and here I am.
    Now I wonder how I ever got along without Linux.
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    My first unix was actually a netbsd on an Amiga 4000.
    I tried it because it was a special edition of a magazine.

    I was quite focused to get X running, which was.. challenging.
    Took me a while to realise, that the commandline was and is the real value.

    And no. No hate. It was an interesting project at the time.

    The article offered a phone(!) number of the author.
    The guy not only responded, but actually walked me through some problem. Late in the evening
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    No. My first distribution was Redhat 6.2 (zoot), and it was a bear to get installed and configured, but I was in college at the time to be a Computer Science major so I just saw it as a fun challenge.
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    arch linux
    My first ever Linux install was a really old version of Red Hat and I was at a total loss when it came to that section of the installation where packages to be installed were to be selected. Having never used Linux before, I had no idea which packages did what, and which ones I might want installed. Otherwise, it wasn't so bad.

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    Yes! And now I regret it! :(

    A friend gave me a CD of Warty Warthog many years ago and since I found it to be very complicated, I decided to leave it and went back to XP. I think the year was 2004-2005.

    My regret is that had I decided to fight it out then and tried to learn at all cost, I could have been very good at it by now. But I guess its never to late to start and learn isn't it?.
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    Kinda yes! My first encounter with Linux was some 5 years before of an old RedHat version at some college project, possibly EL 4, I didn't even know how to partition/format/set up the friggin thing, but then this is what Linux is, if it's aint broken, break it and then fix it untill it's again broken

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    Started with SuSE Linux 8.1 in 2002. Didn't hate it ... was a bit frustrated because I didn't understand it.
    Easy to use ... but as an ex Windows user any time anything went wrong I would re-install
    Hopefully I have improved a bit since then .

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    I wouldn't call it love at first install. I have recently found my first distro - Red Hat 5 (on a Sams Teach Yourself Linux in 24 hours book which is from 1998 - 1999) . I kept coming back and running away again and it wasn't until 2005 - 2006 that I started using Linux exclusively at home.

    Thinking about it, I still have a laptop from 1998 - 1999.... I wonder...
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    I can be found either 40 miles west of Chicago, in Chicago, or in a galaxy far, far away.
    Considering that I started and spent most of my career with Unix and Unix-type systems, Linux was not a problem for me. My first Linux system that I installed on my own computers was Gentoo. It took me most of a week of evenings to get it configured and built for my hardware, but it worked perfectly once I got through that knothole. Currently I am running at least 4 different Linux versions/distributions. Ubuntu 9.04 on my laptop, CentOS 5 on my workstation/server, Android on my cell phone, and Debian Etch on some embedded system hardware. That doesn't count the Linux that runs my network storage units and routers.
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