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    Quote Originally Posted by cousinlucky View Post
    I'm sorry but I still do not understand what google did to get sued!!
    These days, you don't have to do anything "bad" to get sued. People sue just because they have a perception that they have been misled or simply misunderstood what they were getting into with a beta release like Buzz was. Companies like Google may settle in these cases simply to reduce legal costs, or to project a public-friendly image and short-circuit any bad press the case is generating. Look at all the kerfuffle caused by Street View and such. Google's got deep pockets, and there will always be some ambulance-chasing legal slimeball who figures they can profit from any minor mistakes they (Google et al) make.
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    Some of you say mistakes, some of us say "being paid by the government to tie as many MAC addresses to physical addresses as possible".

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgosnell View Post
    Which gmail spam? I seldom see any spam. It all goes straight to the spam folder, gmail has excellent spam detection built in. Once in a great while something gets sent to the spam folder that shouldn't be, but it's fewer than one per month, more like once every 6 months or so. Very little slips through to my inbox. I get spam, because I have a couple of spamtrap accounts which I use to register on websites, etc, and I have those forwarded to my main account. It almost all gets caught in the spam filter, though, and I only see the occasional spam message, very seldom.
    I get spam messages 2, 3, 4 times a week that the gmail filter catches and I delete.
    Since it only comes on one gmail account of mine it must mean that that email address was gotten by using something other than the buzz!!!
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