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    Best Virtualization Solution

    I am in process of putting a virtualization plan in place. Wondering, from pure virtualization perspective, which hardware vendor provides the best virtualization solution. Will like to know if any have had any experiences using virtualization on DELL hardware, SUN, HP or IBM. Also wondering, if any of you were able to get a decent discount from any of these hardware or vitualization software vendors. Appreciate your help

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    I've had experience on all of these, starting with IBM VM systems running on big iron mainframes. I think I finally contributed my 500lbs of VM-360 and VM-370 manuals to the landfill on my last move about 5 years ago!

    Over the past few years I have used VMware, Parallels, Xen, and VirtualBox on Windows, OSX, and Linux systems. I haven't done much with Sparc/Solaris systems as hosts, but I run Solaris x86 in a Linux VirtualBox VM to do kernel module development work.

    As for hardware, today get a multi-core Intel or AMD x86_64 processor, single or dual processors w/ 4-6 cores each. Lots of RAM. A good motherboard (I prefer Intel boards and processors, but that is personal history). I also prefer to either build the systems myself, or have a reputable white-box builder do it for me to my exact specifications. I have been very happy doing it that way for a number of years. You get better components, better prices (or equivalent), and more customizable features. FWIW, the major vendors tend to low-ball components in order to keep their costs down - this is a cut-throat commodity business after all, with very small margins.
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