I use linux fulltime at home and for my work but it can be difficult to keep track of the names of packages (plus google is not that good a search engine) and what is currently the best so I thought I would set up a site to share and hopefully collect research.
Is anyone interested in helping make a new linux distro? I want to form a small team to help with the planning and creation (plus promotion). If you want to be involved, just give me your opinion on which packages to consider and then, I will collect the information so it can be used as a review (rating) of the software.

My basic aims for the distro are:
Unicode support
Modular extension packages for specific requirements (e.g. Camera Users, Foreign Language Students, Scanner Users)
Full-text support
Backup tool

I also plan to clearly display the package information (benefits, usage applications) so anyone can quickly decide whether installing the distro would actually be worth it.

Do you want to contribute?