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    Angry This scam still happening

    I got virtually an identical call this morning, when I asked the woman to repeat the company name she did, when I asked where she was calling from she said India and then hung up.

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    Hi all............. Im sorry to have to say this, BUT my dad fell for this scam the other day and is now in deep problems as thay have changed all the settings in his desktop pc and have also got away with money!!!

    He then received a call from a company to say they can fix this problem and for another fee...... this is when he told me about what had been going on!!!! .......which i then stepped in and told them point blank NO!!!! My dad is in his 70's and though that he was doing the right thing as all he does is play game son both laptop and pc.

    My question is "how do you remove all the things that they have done and also they have removed the reg key for xp home security and its no longer working also"

    Any help would be good...... as im not that bright when it comes to fixing tech stuff

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    Sorry to hear about that Megster, sadly though I think you may either have to format and re-install or get a reputable technician involved. It's hard to be more specific without the machine being right here but even then my Windows knowledge is a lot less than my Linux knowledge
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    Your files be lost; but a hard drive reformat gets rid of all of the malware!!
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    Just a little update............ both laptop and desktop have been fixed and had a total clear out!! but my dad did have to pay more money out for this to happen...... but least it wasnt to the second company that would have scammed him even more and prob would have been in a worse mess

    Paypal are taking on the case as they used their site to do transaction, so fingers crossed he gets his money back and if not very expensive leason for him

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    Glad to hear you've got kit sorted.

    Sorry I wouldn't have been able to help as I use Apple Mac. These scams wouldn't work on my machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaydee515151 View Post
    These scams wouldn't work on my machine.
    Neither would on mine, the mighty Mint box ha ha

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