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    That's not necessarily the case. Sometimes such super-power agencies also abuse their force. And sometimes they are just incompetent. You've probably heard of the many cases where British state officials forgot some CDs with confidential material in public service vehicles.
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    Eh, yeah... sadly, I was trying to make a joke. In actuality, I am more and more of the opinion that the (at least, the U.S.) government (a) thinks it is constantly at a state of war, and (b) is convinced it owns everything.

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    Good question. I'm glad not to live in the US. I mean, the land itself is beautiful, but the war against terror and the 1984-like police and intelligence services are dreadful.
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    Sorry guys, but this thread seems to have run its course and is now veering off into governments, wars, and politics, which are not permitted on the forums, so locking it down.

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