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    Rediscovering old games with Wine...

    If you have any old games lying around you might try this....

    I have a bunch old games down in the basement, spanning from the DOS, Windows 3.1 and Windows 98 eras.

    None play on Vista or Win 7. Some play on XP, some don't.

    But I haven't run into one yet that didn't run on Wine (I'm running Wine 1.2 under Ubuntu 10.04).

    My conclusion -- Linux w/ Wine is more compatible with old Windows and DOS programs than current Windows is. For MS, planned obsolescence at its best.

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    Good info. You might want to give DOSBox a look see too.
    DOSBox, an x86 emulator with DOS
    I have a five floppy disk set of Dungeons and Dragons, but the floppies are unreadable.

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    I went retro a couple of years back and wanted to play Final Fantasy VIII. I found a computer copy and it ran absolutely horribly on Windows Vista (and later Win7) but it runs fine in Wine.

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    Thanks for DOSBox info

    @MikeTBob -- thanks for the info on DOSBox. I will definitely try it.

    You know, that's the great thing about Linux... you have choices on how to do things (and they're all free). And here modern versions of WIndows won't even run these games! Unbelievable that people buy Windows "for compatibility."

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