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    Question matlab issue: linux vs windows

    I am trying to run a command on matlab installed on windows in which I run a awk statement which is interpreted by cygwin.
    When I run the whole statement under linux, it executes without anyy problem but when the statement is exected under cygwin, I get an error message.
    Here is the statement with error:

    tempfile = '../tmp/junk';
    system(sprintf('awk ''{if( NF>23) print $4;}'' ../tmp/naive1_short.txt > %s ', tempfile));


    gawk: {if( NF print $4;}
    gawk: ^ syntax error

    Somehow it fails to interpret GREATER THAN sign.
    Anyone having some idea?

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    Try enclosing the statement in single instead of double quotes. Since they are already inside a single-quoted string, escape them with backslashes. IE:
    system(sprintf('awk \'{if( NF>23) print $4;}\' ../tmp/naive1_short.txt > %s ', tempfile));
    Also, you may need to put a space before+after the curly braces { and }.
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