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    Talking computer generated spam post?

    Quote Originally Posted by asifnaz View Post
    I started computing with Windows 95 and then windows 98 they both were great at their times . There was some stability issues but they were extremely user friendly and easy to use . And had very good support of available software .

    Windows xp ...I started using windows xp in 2002 . It is beautiful (I wonder why people say it is ugly ) it has good compatibility with software and hardware .
    There are drawbacks : Like viruses , worms , malware and slow downs(may be this because xp is most used OS in the world) .
    But that can be avoided using security software and updating

    Microsoft has fixed many things with windows 7 which is more secure and stable and if you are gamer its your ultimate destination .

    I use Macbook with mac OS X . as it is unix like os it is very secure and stable . Its jaw dropingly beautiful and its great for professional use ( like video editing , photo , music composing editing etc)
    Its cons
    Pretty much no games for it
    Harder to find programs for it Hardware you have to get through Apple

    I love linux because the liberty it has . The idea of free and open source is so good that I use linux most of my normal computing time . Its stable and secure virus free . And most importantly I feel myself a part of wonderful community .
    It still have some hardware and software incompatibility but it is enough for a common user's daily computing needs .

    All is my opinion I am not presenting as fact .

    I like freeBSD and looking for upcomming OS "Haiku"

    I am really eager to know your response .
    This seems like a computer generated narrative text given the title you supplied. Computer generated text usually has no objective, no direction, no aim. It searches database for most relavant information from web according to the title you supplied and organize into text paragraphs. I'm doing computational linguistics.


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    I have 2 older laptops, both are Packard Bells, 60 gig h.d. 500 meg mem, Intel celeron 2 gig cpu's.
    The X.p. takes over 3 mins to boot up.
    The Slitaz takes 45 seconds to boot up.
    I am constantly clearing out the rubbish left in the register of the X.P. and there are more than 25 'security updates awaiting installation for it at the last check. If m.s had done the job properly there would be no need for the updates. Slitaz is not so easy to install but can be done in around 30 mins second time round. X.p is a long haul nightmare to install and back up, its slowing down again now and will soon need reinstalling and upgrading to service pack 3 and all the junk that goes with it. Even if you ignore the rip off price of X.p how can anyone say its a good example of sotware implementation?. Bob.

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