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    Gone & broke another bone....

    Yes, 5 years after I broke my right leg & recieved lots of get well wishes from this community, I go & break my right arm in a fall on the night of the 26th (I slipped on melting ice while walking the dog).

    So now I'm in plaster cast from my shoulder down to my wrist & am have to learn to do everything left handed. What a bummer way to end 2010.....

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    Bummer, indeed... very sorry to hear that you've injured yourself again.

    I know that lots of people can do amazing things with their toes, but I'm not so sure how well typing would work using toes.

    Either way, best of luck to you with the left-hand only typing, and hope you are back to full speed soon.

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    Either at home or at work or down the pub
    On the plus side you are learning a whole new skill set. Hope it heals quickly.
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    On the plus side, it'll be a good ice-breaker while out celebrating the new year!

    However it works for you, hope you make the best of it

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    Get well soon. I have a old finger mouse I had to use when I was laid up. My chest was the mouse pad.
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    Good lord man! Watch out for that Ice, my wife broke her ankle in two places the same way, about this time of the year but she was just walking to her car and slipped on the Ice. That happened the very week we moved into our new home. We thought it was a bad omen too but it wasn't so bad after she healed up.
    Sorry to hear of your misfortune and hope everything works out ok.
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    No more 2 fisted drinking at the pub for awhile, so to compensate you will have to order doubles. Hope you get well soon.
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