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    Medellín, Colombia

    Currently using GNOMe

    But my favorite is LXDE

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    Started with KDE but forced to switch to a WM for one PC to get reasonable performance.
    Now use IceWM (on all systems I use) ... it's light on resources, simple to configure, has lots of themes so each user can have it look the way they want, allows me to use the same config on all distros and it just does not show apps which are not available. Took me a little while to sort out the config I wanted but now it's easy for me to keep it and transfer it to any distro.

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    I like KDE and I have always felt in my mind that KDE development was a few steps ahead of Gnome and it seems like they always have something new for me to play with. I don't dislike Gnome, it just isn't my favorite. Fluxbox has been tickling my fancy the last month or so. I like it.
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    Uh, KDE. It came with PCLinuxOS and i just kept on using it. Currently in the 4.? version. Seems stable and just ... works.

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    Gnome and LXDE are my two favorites. I have Gnome on my desktop and LXDE on my laptop. Inever really liked KDE, it just seemed like I had more problems with setting up my hardware in KDE. XFCE is ok, JWM is usable, but not my favorite, and fluxbox, IceWM, and openbox are ok, but I prefer Gnome or LXDE to them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hazel View Post
    Well, you could try Cabhan's wmii! I just googled it and it looks rather similar. Practically none of the standard GUI apps work properly on it. The developer says they're "broken" (which seems a bit arrogant to me) so he recommends lots of CLI programs. Now I love CLI for file management and general system work but I'm damned if I want a GUI from the dark ages!
    Is that the wmii developer, or the ratpoison developer? I ask because I have so far been able to run every GUI program I've needed in wmii. The tiling works pretty well for almost all things, and other apps can be set up to use floating mode, which basically provides a more normal WM space, without tiling.

    As to other things, I've always preferred Gnome over KDE personally. KDE has always struck me as more monolithic and less configurable, although I grant that gconf always frightens me a lot (although it's better documented than the Windows registry, it's too similar for my tastes).

    I used Fluxbox back in the day, and I liked it overall. I started having difficulties configuring it, and also encountered some weird spacing bugs. I also never ended up using their stacking feature which seemed to be a big part of the WM.

    I keep waiting to hear more news of E17. I tried it a few years ago, and it worked okay, though it was missing a lot of the utilities that I needed. Awful pretty, though. Though maybe not as much now that we have Compiz.

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    Jul 2008
    I jump between Flux- and Open- boxes for floating management, use DWM in Arch, and WMII in Debian because Debian makes the process of installing DWM rather complicated to me. My first tiler was Awesome, but I ditched it when I decided I didn't need system tray applets and found I couldn't easily set it to monitor CPU, Battery, and RAM info without installing extra stuff. Also, DWM keeps me from constantly tinkering, as it takes a bit more to tweak than Openbox, so I don't unless I really need to.

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    In this case (i.e. this hard drive), Salix64-XFCE is the best running Salix at the moment (I tried LXDE, which is my preference for LinuxMint, but it's just not what I want with Salix 13.1) -- performance being first, configurability being second, looks being a tertiary consideration.

    AntiX got me hooked on IceWM and I use it with Lupuppy 5.1 (and it LOOKS great, too) -- re: WMs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabhan View Post
    Is that the wmii developer, or the ratpoison developer? I ask because I have so far been able to run every GUI program I've needed in wmii. The tiling works pretty well for almost all things, and other apps can be set up to use floating mode, which basically provides a more normal WM space, without tiling.
    It was wmii. I went to the developer's site because I was curious; it's a program I haven't heard of before. Of course you're right; he does say that you can run things like the gimp in the floating layer. But he implies that that's cheating and that you should use the apps that he recommends. That includes lynx for browsing and mutt for email! See what I mean about the dark ages?

    It's probably irrational to take against a program that you haven't used simply because you don't like the developer's attitude, but I reckon at my age I'm entitled to a little grumpiness. I believe that a window manager should be subordinate to the applications and should be designed to play well with the apps that most people use. If it doesn't, then it's the WM that's broken, not the apps.

    @arinlares. dwm is one I hadn't heard of either so I checked it out. And I was so amazed by the idea of a wm contained in one file of source code, with no dependencies except Xlib, and that you configure by modifying the header and recompiling, that I downloaded it on the spot. I'm using it now but I think it will need a lot of tweaking before I really get to like it. If I ever do! An interesting project for the future.
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    On my old machine I use KDE 3.5. On my newer machine I use Gnome because I don't like KDE newer than 3.5. I have another machine I use Fluxbox on because it is really old without many resources Htop says that machine uses 32MB in X Window. Right now in Gnome I am using 272MB + 1965MB cache. I can work with a light Window Manager. I don't need all the junk Desktop Environments throw at me.

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