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    Doubt on GPLv3 license

    Hi All,

    I found that Bash shell used in RHEL 6.0 is comes under GPLv3 license.We are going to use RHEL 6.0 distro as linux distro for developing a custom product.So my doubt is,we are using Init script in Initramfs and SysInit script,inittab etc which all need bash shell,If I use bash shell whether I need to publish my source code.

    Our product is a custom movie player.


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    the GPL for bash would only come in to effect if you DISTRIBUTED a program that included the SOURCE CODE from bash. using bash, or distributing bash scripts don't activate the GPL requirements.

    however, I am not a lawyer.

    If you really want to know, contact the GNU people who made the license. A google search will get you their contact details.
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    you're exactly right

    GPL only comes into play when you statically link to a library or include source code from the library in your code or make modifications to the library and your distributed application contains the modified library

    its all about distribution, if you aren't distributing GPL software, you don't need to worry about GPL

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