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    Liking dwm more than I expected

    My thread on desktops brought up a couple of window managers I hadn't heard of before, so of course I went over to their sites to investigate (full of "satiable curtiosity", that's me). One of them was dwm. I was really intrigued by the idea of a window manager so simple that it can be contained in a single file of code and has no compulsory dependencies except Xlib. Some of you will know by now that I'm a great fan of simplicity.

    At first I didn't like it at all but I found it grew on me rapidly. Yes, it's ugly: windows crammed up against each other higgledy-piggledy, or floating forlornly on the desktop, looking all queer and naked without frames. But my God, it's powerful!

    You can have a window on two or more different desktops at once, combined with different selections of other windows. If you're editing (I'm editing the OOo wikis at the moment), you can have the page you're editing and the master you're editing from side by side on the screen and go from one to the other without suddenly losing one and having to restore it because you clicked in the wrong place. And it's the first wm I've found which lets me start my buttonbars on the correct desktops.

    Today I absent-mindedly started up in openbox and actually felt disappointed!
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    Kewl, Hazel! I used to like TWM (Tom's Window Manager) for much the same reasoning (back in the Dark Ages). Adhering to KISS has also been one of my guiding principles.
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    dwm is very similar to wmii (except in configuration, obviously), and I agree 100%. I switched back to Gnome to do some wireless network configuration (still need to find a good CLI tool), and was shocked at how much trouble I was having navigating between my windows.

    Glad you're enjoying dwm!

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    still need to find a good CLI tool
    I guess Ceni did not work out for you.
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