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    How long does it take to fix a security hole?

    I read something amusing today. Actually it might be old news because I read it in a magazine in a dentist's waiting room. Someone published details of a security hole found in Vista and Microsoft was furious because they only had five days notice. A spokesperson said that it takes about five months to properly fix a thing like that.

    Can anyone believe that if a security hole were found in a Linux program, it would take five months to patch it up?
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    The first thing came into my mind was - "Did the backdoor found in OpenBSD code has been patched/maintained" ?

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    Well they didn't find any backdoor in OpenBSD but they did find some driver vulnerabilities that were immediately fixed.

    OpenBSD code audit uncovers bugs, but no evidence of backdoor

    That task would have taken Microsoft a year or more!

    I sometimes wonder if Microsoft ever does any code audits or do they just patch the patches?

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    M$ likes people to think their code is bug free and is the most secure thing you could install on your system. If M$ would ever open up their code things like this would be fixed almost overnight. The reason they don't is the fork would become more popular and bug free then the original. That and their illegal use of free code would be exposed.


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