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    [SOLVED] Sharing my NXServer journey

    Note: I'm not sure how this ended up in the Coffee Lounge. I meant it to be in the Gentoo forum, but seem to have messed that up.

    I recently updated my system and my nxserver-freeedition stopped working! After several days of failed attempts I just got things going again. Therefore I wish to share my experience so that someone else may be helped out.

    Initial Problem:

    When attempting to start the nxserver (/usr/NX/bin/nxserver --start) I would get an error message which stated that a perl library could not be found. In fact, a whole bunch of perl libraries were nowhere to be found as far as nx was concerned. I was able to manually point most of these one by one getting a new failure.

    Finally I was stumped by the fact that libcrypto-0.9.8 could not be found. Trying to re-emerge nx, nxserver, nxclient and the like did not fix anything. Since I use gentoo I figured revdep-rebuild could help, but no dice!

    As it turns out, the libcrypto issue stems from an openssl upgrade. I tried to use revdep-rebuild -L lib{crypto,ssl}.so.0.9.8 but no dynamically linked packages were found.

    Solution to the initial problem:

    After getting my system up to date I needed to issue the following in order to re pull in the 0.9.8 package:

    emerge -1 openssl:0.9.8
    Great! except, when I try to do /usr/NX/scripts/setup/nxserver --install to get things right again, it fails because it couldn't find What was I couldn't find it anywhere.

    Solution to the problem:

    emerge nxnode
    Now, I could run

    /usr/NX/scripts/setup/nxserver --install
    /usr/NX/scripts/setup/nxnode --install
    /usr/NX/bin/nxserver --start
    Then it was just a quick reset of my dsa key to the default value in my client and I got really close to starting. I hit the following error:

    Info: received data in out channel from NX Node: 'NX> 618 Your evaluation period has expired. Please visit 
    NX> 618 the NoMachine Web site at 
    NX> 618 to acquire a valid subscription. 
    ' (NXNodeExec) 
    Info: received data in out channel from NX Node: 'NX> 690 Bye. 
    ' (NXNodeExec) 
    Info: NX Node out channel was closed (NXNodeExec) 
    Info: Removing not recognized buffer from stdout:[] (NXNodeExec) 
    Info: NX Node err channel was closed (NXNodeExec) 
    Info: closing nxssh's in, out, err FDs (flagfinished is: 0) (NXNodeExec) 
    Error: no 'CONNECTED' message from NX Node (NXNodeExec) 
    You have got to be kidding I said. Finally I realized that the following was necessary:

    Solution to the License issues

    emerge --unmerge nx nxclient nxnode nxserver-freeedition
    rm -rf /usr/NX/*
    emerge nxclient nxnode nxserver-freeedition
    Then I could start the service and connect....

    Summary of commands that should work:

    emerge -1 openssl:0.9.8
    emerge --unmerge nx nxclient nxnode nxserver-freeedition
    rm -rf /usr/NX/*
    emerge nxclient nxnode nxserver-freeedition
    Whew! I hope someone else is helped by this
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