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Thread: Hi, folks!

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    Hi, folks!

    I have just joined the forum and wanted to say greetings to the community. I am new to linux and have not have not hardly used a computer for about a decade until recently. I have had quite a bit of experience with DOS/W9x networks and NT/Banyan severs, but that has been years ago and I've forgotten most everything from those days (although some of it is coming back very slowly). I've set up a network and have been running Debian on one box for a couple of weeks. I'm now in the process of trying to configure a 486 box as a router/firewall to take the place of my wireless router. I also plan to on having a linux authentication/file server. Any opinions on what flavor I should use for these? If one is not using a DE, aren't all of the Deb-based dists pretty much the same? I'm sure I will have many ? as I go along. Thank y'all in advance for your support and patience.


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    Hello and Welcome to LFO!
    We're glad you could join us and we hope you enjoy your visits here. On a side note, I think it's awesome that you are getting "restarted" with computers by starting off with Linux as this will mean you don't have any "windows habits" to break. I think people with years of experience on Windows tend to have a harder time than people who have hardly used a computer before.
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    Welcome to the forum and back to computers. If you get stuck, or need help remembering something, try <Linux> - Google Search. It is a good source of answers and info. Of course, the forum is also a good source of answers if you can't find the answer on google.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeTbob View Post
    this will mean you don't have any "windows habits" to break.
    I think my years in DOS will help in that regard, I was very reluctant to switch to W3.11 because I thought, "Why go searching through a bunch of graphic windows for what you need when, with DOS, it's all at your fingertips?".
    Thanks for the welcome; I hope I will be up to speed enough soon so I will be able to contribute.

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