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    Quote Originally Posted by LinuxNewb
    I would like to see MS Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux (or BSD) all have closer to equal shares of the market so that they would have to compete on FEATURES rather than politics and legal strongarm tactics. Then the users would win.
    i'll second that. i reckon ms could come out with some good stuff if they actually *had* to, its just years and years of market dominance has made them complacent. its about time they got a good kick in the balls, and get the wheels of innovation turning once again
    You know, aliens are going to come to earth in 50 years and kill the hell out of us for DDoSing their networks with this SETI crap
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    Quote Originally Posted by techieMoe
    I think personally if Microsoft were to scrap its own OS and build one on top of Linux or *BSD, it would be an excellent product.
    If they were to do it it might be a good product but my guess is that it
    would have all kinds of intentional incompatibilities and Microsoft "enhancements"
    so that people who started using those would eventually get trapped and
    forced to only use those.

    Microsoft may change its tactics under external pressure but it will never
    change its morals.At least not while Gates is in charge.This means they
    can't be trusted.Even when they create something which seems good there's
    bound to be a trap or several hidden somewhere.

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    Linux is all about choice. We've got a decent level of security, and buckets of choice. We acknowledge other systems and promote interoperability. Microsoft's attitude to security may well be "Let's pretend there are no problems till we can patch them" and attitude to choice may be to slate all competition - but how someone else acts shouldn't compromise our attitudes.

    I don't see why advertising microsoft is causing problems, but allowing the FUD campain is a diiferent matter. Fair enough if there's an XP banner on top , just no anti linux propaganda. I really can't speak for anyone else on whether or not they should boycott but I know I was never bothered with that site anyway.

    Linux users, contirbutors ; GNU contributors; xorg....BSD ...we can all hold our head high and not play any dirty tricks, we have excellent systems built by the community, open standards, cooperation and no need to turn to the underhanded tactics of rival companies.

    Talking some jive crap about Microsoft doesn't say anything about them - it just says something about us. Open arms and smiles will encourage usage a lot faster than some 14 year old screaming "My system is better than yours!"

    Sit tight people, we're sitting on a winner here. :P

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    most sites that do this kind of thing reply with a statement that goes like this
    we believe that people have the right to choose, and through that choice we want linux to become popular not by bashing the competition but by the simple fact alone that the os is superior
    while i agree that the superior nature of linux should be promoted rather than the "uncoolness" of windows, it's not exactly fair to paste advertisements over the site stating something that is in all simplicity an untrue bias FUD tactic. so what if those of us in the know know what's really going on, imagine a user has just heard about linux and wants to know more information about it, they go to that site and see all the pretty banners flashing in their faces, from this they deduce, "windows is more superior than linux, i saw it myself from a linux site so it must be true".

    these advertisements cannot be seen as anything other than false, and to promote the use of them, gain money from them, and then try to justify them by appealing to our 'open mindedness' is nothing short of a slap in the face. i care for the community and it's ideals a great deal, and i'll be boycotting this site along with any other site that promotes the use of these ads.

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    techieMoe wrote:

    I don't dislike the Microsoft line of products so much as the corporation as a whole and how it behaves
    This sums up my feelings in one sentence. My problem with Gates et al. is the visciously cutthroat business practices employed by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft has always used marketing leverage to eliminate competition. They either would do it gently, by 'encouraging' a buyout, or by intimidation, or else by financial main force. As Microsoft gained market share almost to the point of exclusivity, they would deploy entire brigades of lawyers to grind down to exhaustion the will of any who would dare defy the wishes of Himself. Just look at the comtemptible Microsoft reaction to the European ruling against their product packaging. Like a petulant child, Microsoft expects to be able to 'interpret' these rulings, instead of implementing direct compliance. The sheer mass of the Microsoft juggernaut has always disturbed me, but now I believe that the 'grassroots' nature of the F/OSS movement is the only thing big enough to offer a real alternative. In this way the People will decide.

    One thing to remember. When Microsoft starts to get 'friendly', wanting to 'share' and 'assist', that is the time to be truly on guard as that is one of their time honored techniques of envelopement.

    Just ask IBM about OS/2

    Sorry that my rant moved away from the center of the thread. As far as boycotting any informational source, I always (to paraphrase Steely Dan) read what I believe and disregard the rest.

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    Anyone ever read the Asterix and Obelix comic called "The intrigant" or something along that line, with a small bastard who is setting everyone against each other by just giving one a compliment or a gift

    If this was the case here, it would raise my respect for Microsoft to a higher (well it can't get lower :P) level:

    - MS gives RedHat some money:
    "Thank you, your help has been invaluable to us. You have helped us hold our foothold in the server market, we couldn't have done it without you."
    - RedHat:
    - Open Source Community:
    "OMG Redhat is sponsored by M$!!!11 RedHat is sooo evil! I will never use RedHat or Fedora ever again." *OSS* runs off to another distro.
    - Microsoft:
    "Muhahaha, down goes the competition"
    - RedHat:

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