Firstly I am a big fan of Linux and my sincere apologies for asking this question here.

Ok a little background on what I am currently trying to achieve, I have a windows application that needs updated dlls from a certain location which is in a DMZ, so I thought why not let the application SFTP the dlls down to itself, the security policies for the DMZ requires using SFTP.

I have setup an SFTP service on a Windows 2008 Server RC2, the service is CopSSH. I have used the control panel to activate my users, the user I am currently testing on is using the Linux shell and SFTP option, with just password authentication.

This configuration has been tested with FileZilla to connect and copy files, which is all good.

I have created a C# test application that uses Routrek Granados Library to communicate with the CopSSH Service. I managed to connect to the Linux shell of the service, to the home directory of the activated user's home directory. Then I open a SFTP to the same users home directory (which does not make sense), i try a "GET" command to copy a file over from this location, thinking it will go to a location of my C# test application, but alas it does not, because (I still maybe wrong) it goes from the SFTP location to the Linux shell location, which is not what I wanted, I want it to come down to the C# test application location. (If i do a "lls" it still shows me the server location).

I went about setting this up, thinking I can use SFTP to copy dlls from a server down to a client. But with my limited knowledge I just created a SFTP to the server itself.

Please advise on method of trying to get files from a SFTP configuration?

Much appreciation,