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    Need C Language to Learn C++?

    why before you going to study C++ programming language everyone requires that you need to know c language

    C++ is a complete language ,i don't see something in common between C and C++
    only data types and basic things

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    Who everyone requires you to know C before learning C++? That has not been my experience, though I never tried to take C++ in a formal setting. There are plenty of resources on the internet for learning C++, and knowing C is not a prerequisite.

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    C++ is an extension of C, so when you learn C++, you actually learn the plain old C (with very minor differences), and the newer object-oriented ++ of it; that is to say, you can't learn C++ without learning basic C, simply because one is contained within the other.

    However, almost all books and tutorials about C++ cover C first when they deal with data types, flow control, functions and pointers (even if they don't mention it's C), so you shouldn't be concerned.

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    C and C++ programming are very different mindsets. C is a functional language, and C++ while it can handle C code is much more an object-oriented language where you should be thinking about classes of things and how they behave. Personally, after 30 years programming in both language, and writing VERY complex code in both (I did a clean-room implementation of TCP/IP in C from the DDN Protocol Whitebook, and wrote a major distributed transaction processing framework in C++), I have to say that I prefer C++ because that is how my mind works. That said, I still program in C to write device drivers for Solaris and Linux, but for application code I will always use C++ because I can write cleaner, more concise, and more robust code.
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