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    May 2004
    arch linux

    How many computers do you currently own?

    This would include all computers (not mobile phones) in your immediate family, but not work computers unless you own those, too. Computers for sale through a business venture don't count.

    Feel free to tell us about them below.

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    I currently own 6 computers.

    1 Google Chrome Book
    2 Acer 7741Z-4643
    3 My main desktop: Currently dual booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10
    4 Custom P4, 3GBRAM: My wife's computer, running Ubuntu 10.10
    5 Custom LGA775: My test machine...what can I say? Not only am I a distro junkie, but I am also helping develop Liquid Lemur.
    6 Custom P3, 256MB RAM in-house server.

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    Administrator MikeTbob's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
    5 for us.
    My Gentoo desktop Machine
    Our sons Linux Mint Desktop Machine
    Wifes Laptop with Win7 (which I am currently using, BLEH)
    One "Guest"desktop machine that our sons friends use, Mint Linux.
    One low RAM, Low CPU, toy Desktop machine that I am tinkering with,,nothing installed on it yet.
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    We've got three. A three-year-old HP desktop with Vista for general use/games, my netbook running Arch and Debian Squeeze, and my brother's slightly larger laptop running Arch.

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    Linux Engineer MASONTX's Avatar
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    Mason Texas
    Not counting the 5 or 6 old computers in the closet, we have 5 we use. My wife and I each have a desktop and laptop, plus I keep a gaming/Internet computer for the grandkids.
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    Either at home or at work or down the pub
    Currently, I own 10 computers, 12 if Ican count my iPAQs and 13 if I can count my Desire HD as a mini tablet. I only use 4 or 5 of them (and the mini-tablet) regularly though.

    My newest which I bought about a month ago is this one but it has 16GB ram. It is running Linux Mint Debian Edition which finally beat Debian Testing to the real install!

    I also have an Intel Core 2 Quad with 4GB Ram which is running Centos 5.5 as a headless, x-less server and an AMD X2 6000 with a couple of gigs that is currently FreeBSD. I'm thinking of having a go at Arch, Crux or Gentoo on it at some point.

    My laptop is a core 2 with a gig of ram and is running Slackware 13

    My main netbook is a little e-machines with an Atom N270 and gig of ram, running Easy Peasy!

    The others aren't in use (2 desktops, 2 laptops and an original Asus eeepc)

    [edit]Oh and a PS2 in the loft but I don't know if that counts. I really wish I could stop buying computers [/edit]
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    Too damn many.
    1. 2 Amrel Rt 686 Military Laptops. Linux Test Beds Wireless Bullet Proof (literally) Can be used as a Club/Bat also.
    2. Panasonic CF-48 Laptop Linux Wireless
    3. IBM A22m Laptop Linux Wireless
    4. IBM T23 Laptop Linux Wireless
    5. ASUS EEEPC 900 Linux Wireless
    6. ASUS EEEC 701SD Linux (Windows XP on external bootable 8 gig SD card. Used for Bike tuning) Wireless Both Asus travel with me in my Motorcycle vest instead of phone.
    7. ACER Aspire One ZG5 Linux Wireless Also travels on Motorcycle
    8. No Name P66, 12MB ram, Ball Mouse on Keyboard Deck, Mouse click on r/h side upper corner near color screen. Holds a charge and runs Windows 95 and Blue Flops.
    PCMCIA Land Line

    9. IBM M41 Desktop Linux Wireless
    10. IBM M57 Desktop Linux Wireless
    11. Shuttle Box Custom Asus Micro Desktop Linux Landline

    12. Wifes Acer Aspire Windows 7 Huge Laptop (I want it when she gets tired of it) Wireless
    13. Wifes Acer Desktop, runs Vista Landline

    Like I said. Too damn many, though most is obsolete gear anyhows . And no. I won't get rid of them yet. Pack rat syndrome from living in the boonies where it is too far to travel to replace stuff.
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    Linux Engineer hazel's Avatar
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    Harrow, UK
    Where do people find room for all this hardware? I have two computers and I wouldn't have room for a third (a notebook perhaps, but I can't think of a use for that - I mean, why would I want to use a computer anywhere but at home?).

    My old Aptiva upstairs runs Windows 95 and has no Internet connection. These days I only use it for printing out music parts, as the music program I have developed on this machine is less easy to use.
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    Here. There. Anywhere.
    By my count, we have five in this house.

    I own a 1005ha netbook, a desktop which I use as a media server and occasional Windows playground, and a PII headless laptop which I use as a webserver sandbox.
    Then my (much) younger sister has a desktop which rivals my own in power, and my father couldn't stand my desktop being the best in the house so his is now a quad-core beast of some sort.

    Not included are my two Android phones, the Evo and Droid, but I feel like mentioning them here anyway probably for the same reason Ozar felt it necessary to say not to count them --they are very much powerful enough and I use the Evo and my netbook interchangeably for virtually everything.

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    Just Joined! TTIO's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    We have 5, not including the work computers:

    • I have a laptop (2.4GHz, 4GB RAM, some ATI graphics card, idk which, dual booting Fedora 13 and Windows 7)
    • And a desktop for gaming (2.8GHz, 4GB RAM, nVidia GTS250, also dual booting Fedora 13 and Windows 7)
    • My dad has an Eee PC - one of the early ones running Xandros.
    • My mum has an (ancient, not currently working as we haven't bothered to fix it) XP computer.
    • And my sister has a laptop.

    Yeah, I don't actually know the specs of any of the others - I just know that both of mine are more powerful!

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