Well, I was thinking about coming here and post a link to my recently developed Android app for you to try but since it's my first post, I am not allowed to do so...

So I'm just going to present the concept so you can tell me what you think about it and if and makes sense to you.

The app is called SSHmote and allows you to control your media player software using a SSH connection. Today, SSHmote includes 2 default profiles: MPlayer and VLC, but the cool thing is that all commands are editable. If you want to allocate one of the remote control's key to another action, you can. It is even possible to change the software you want to target and therefore create a whole new profile. I think it should be fairly simple to customize for people that know a bit about shell commands.

So basically, SSHmote gives you an interface to run multimedia related commands on a remote computer. Well not just multimedia, you could run any kind of commands, but since the buttons are hardcoded it would be weird to try to open an openoffice document with a "play" button... Mmmm maybe not if you do a presentation (see another idea!).

Let me know what you think. Any comment/suggestion/critic is welcome.