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    500 pages and Nobody Home?

    I've searched and joined so many forums and pages lately without getting any real answers..., I wonder if anybody else wonders what they're doing here. This seems more like a place to swap stories or recipes, than solving the problems we may have using Linux and it's multitude of flavours. Why can't any of this be standardised enough that any suggestion or commands will work in all distros?
    I google my problem and get results dating back to the 90's with still no resolution. Every distro and OS has some issue they cannot agree upon. Sounds like our unions and government, and insurance companies, and banks..., Why can't we all just get along?Open source is good, but can't we agree on standards that provide equal access with user variables the only options? The hardware and software should be that easy to install and use!
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    I will rant more later..., but I still have to fix my Ubuntu to play DVD's.
    Glad I joined..., I have nothing better to do than sit at the computer for hours trying to solve a simple issue. What a wonderful time-saving device this is.
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    In Ubuntu, you typically need to do the following to play back DVD's

    Either open a terminal and run the following command (or you can search for and install the packages through Synaptic)

    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras libdvdcss2
    Be aware that libdvdcss2, which decrypts the DVSs may not be legal depending on your location.
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    There is no over-arching Linux master that dictates to all projects how to do something. It's the nature of the beast. Anyone can start a project and even when their are standards ( or LSB for example), no one is compelled to stick by them. (Who would do the compelling anyway?)

    I find it's easier to think of each distribution as it's own linux-based operating system rather than lumping everything together as "linux".

    I don't see any other posts from you here regarding your problem, but certainly, how to play non-free media formats is well documented for all the major distros. For Ubuntu, look here. If you other questions, ask away.

    Note to the above, Ubuntu is not able to provide libdvdcss2 in its official repos, so that will not work. After installing libdvdread, you can do
    sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/
    Or you can add the 3rd party repo, medibuntu, and then install with synaptic/apt.

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