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    is debian more or less stable than slackware?

    I've been reading lots of forums and there answers have been very mixed. Is one more stable than the other or are they equal. Also what's better to learn linux on to bring a intermediate user to advanced (debian, slack...ect). Also are there any paying jobs in the corp world that you can get by knowing either of these realy well (I already know that readhat and novell are prevalent in the corp world but how does debian and slack fair?)....Thanks..

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    As far as I can recollect my small share of experiences with these two distros and numerous good reviews and accurate criticism about them, I came to the conclusion that it less or more depends on what's the end user's purpose for installing them. For server usage ? , for Desktop use? , as a media center or something else.
    At work-place I work on RHEL + Solaris + IBM-AIX, no debian or Slack in our enviornment but I have seen people using Debian as the server boxes. Slack too has proved to be a great server distro. Once you configure it properly and there you go, sit and relax.

    And for learning, I suppose any one will do IMO.

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    is debian more or less stable than slackware?


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    Quote Originally Posted by MRG123 View Post
    I've been reading lots of forums and there answers have been very mixed. Is one more stable than the other or are they equal.
    I've never seen any definite proof that either distro is more stable than the other, so what you generally get is mixed opinions from users on questions like this. Those users that have not given both distributions a fair trial are not qualified to give an opinion, and those that have tried them both are basing their opinion on what worked best for them at their technical skill level, and on their own computer hardware. I'd personally recommend trying them both yourself, so that you can make up your own mind which one works best for you, on your hardware.

    As for jobs, I'm sure there are companies running those distributions, but how many there are, and what your chances are of landing a job with them would be difficult to predict. Maybe someone that is or has been employed by such a company will reply with the details of their experience at getting hired.

    Good luck to you with it, whichever route you pursue.

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