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    Sorry avalonit you are correct, i did misread your first couple of posts.

    VirtualBox is not insane if you don't require KVM or are only using it in a small business or home network. But even then using virtualbox isn't that insane. While it is outside the distribution packages, it is stable and does automatically inform you of updates.
    Its also a useful inexpensive alternative if you cannot afford the $100's to $1000's (depending on quality & no of nodes) on KVM hardware, but need alternative OS's for different software needs.
    But i will try KVM to decide for myself, always open to suggestions

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    @SL6-A1000: agreed that's the pain point of KVM - there is still lots of hardware around that doesn't have virt capabilities and on many devices this functionality is unconfigurably disabled although present in hardware (like some/many laptops). With such hardware I also would go for virtualbox. Still if acceptable I personally would prefer upgrading hardware or avoiding virtualization in critical production environment.

    btw RHEL/CentOS/SL 5.x still have xen supported for novirt hardware and that's also a good choice when hardware support is lacking but one seeks a supported solution or doesn't want to mess with non-official distro software. I don't prefer it for laptops though because of power management.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazydog View Post
    The trend towards KVM is RH move because it is built into the kernel.
    sorry wrong quote...
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    Smile kvm/xen/sl6

    Quote Originally Posted by wjuhis View Post
    1) although xen is a more beautiful solution (from my point of view i.e. Computer science/academic) i had to give up and install Qemu, KVM on SL6... not finished with installation yet (probs with guest nic-system) but it looks good...

    2) i guess all you guys have it right --> the trend seems to be towards KVM like solutions, partly i think beacause its easier to handle...
    brgds wjuhis
    jess jess and a little furher (chronologically...):

    hi again after some experience with sl6+kvm:

    - had problems with network/bridges virtual NIC's (still not PERFECT) specially "inwards" i.e. while trying to reach different domU's from the internet side, outbound standard communications work fine...

    - hw problem in reading USB memory sticks froms domU's sides => supposedly fixed after change of mothearboard type 890GX to one with 890FX chipset (on amd64 world IOMMU --> PCI passthrough available) under contruction rdy & working before monday... (hopefully)

    - still itch for "one last trial of building & testing xen"

    - if it doesn't drop functioning in my lap i give up and re-build the whole sl6 enviroment and kvm gets its victory over xen

    good luck to all of you circling in the same mess hoping "to be illuminated' () brgds wjuhis
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    I prefer CentOS is free and has a good community support

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