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    Ubuntu Natty vs Fedora 15

    Hey guys

    ok ive read reviews on both distrobutions and frankly both look like a massive "in your face" overhaul and update from there previous versions, im very excited to try both

    im just curious about other peoples experiences, especially in graphical performance, graphic card support, and drivers in the ATi area

    ive heard something about the new kernal both distros feature having alot of improvements in that area and fedora using opensource drivers rather than fglrx , i could be wrong though, this is just stuff ive read and i have no clue what im on about haha

    so yea, share your experiences towards these rumours and graphical performance/support with fedora 15/ubuntu 11.04

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    These are so bleeding edge that you will need to keep bandages handy to use them...

    I'm sure we'd all like to know how they work out for you! Myself, I don't have the time to futz with new distributions with any kind of frequency, except in nicely sandboxed virtual machines. Unfortunately, in that case I can't really see how well they will work on real hardware.
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    ill be trying out both very soon, unfortantly been in australia, my internet has a monthly download limit and ive used 94% of my limit hahaha, to many games , i want them all!!

    but yea, as soon as i try them both ill post my thoughts XD, im excited , ill also try out KDE 4.6

    Im just interest in current beta ubuntu 11.04/fedora 15 alpha user opinions on there hardware performance especially graphical 3D/2D and there experiences on various pc setups

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    Well, I have tried both! (Fedora 15 Alpha and Natty Beta 2)

    They have both been designed with tablets in mind and both look great. I found that Gnome Shell (Fedora) kind of got in the way of getting things done. Gnome shell has no desktop and you can't minimise applications; whereas in Unity you can and thus is slightly less less radical. I only installed it today so don't know if I like it yet

    I suspect that I'll end on XFCE if all Gnome based distros end up going in either of those directions though
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