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Thread: Beware Conceit

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    Not saying Linux is perfect.
    But neither is the alternative.
    And like they say...... "If you don't like it, Switch!"

    People fail to realize that Linux has its root's from Unix.
    Try installing and getting all your hardware configured in Red Hat 5 then tell me about user friendly. LOL!!

    Most install issues are due to hardware and drivers.
    Tell the manufacturers to make Linux drivers for their hardware and open source them
    so the Linux community doesn't have to hack or reverse engineer those proprietary

    I just had a major battle with a customer's Windows based pc.
    Don't even utter the words user friendly. At least with Linux I have a vast log file
    that is straight forward when reporting errors.
    Windows never realized there were errors because it was outside it's small little world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mshater View Post
    Is it my imagination or is the offerings of Linux community somewhat below par. A pity when someone WANTS to go Linux instead of Windows but the product is just not up to scratch.
    If you want lots of features it will require lots of resources. If you want a distro to run well on more limited hardware then use a WM rather than a DE. Popular does not equal best ... it only means popular

    Linux works for me, and it works for lots of others as well ... sometimes it works straight away and sometimes it needs a bit more work from the user. It sounds like you have invested some time and effort trying to get a couple of distros to work ... with limited success. If you want it to work you can make it work, but my suggestion at this point would be pick something like Debian and make it work rather than hoping from one distro to another in the hope it will work with your hardware combination.

    If you prefer to stick with CentOS that's more than capable of running a GUI as well ... but as others have already said - try a WM rather than DE for limited hardware ... good luck

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    Many thanks for the encouragement. I do not have much of a problem the KDE or Gnome. They do work and it is true that Gnome seems to be a bit faster. There are some sites, and this is one, where they do seem to crawl.

    My problem is trying to download apps which an enterprise system does not have. Simple things like a video editor. Pitivi seems quite good when I tried Ubintu, but try getting all the dependencies !!!!! That, to me, is the biggest failing of Linux. Unless you get a full distro you need to be retired on a large pension to have the time necessary to chase everyting down. I tried to install Kommander and it failed on two dependencies and Extracting these files and putting them into /usr/lib/kde3 clearly did not work. I downloaded all the updates for Centos (200+) and those two files then appeared in the right place but the installer still fails for lack of them. What else is there to think that the system sucks. There does not seem to be an easy way to grab just the dependencies needed and install them. Extracting them is easy with MC but it is surprising how many rpm packages are downloaded containing named files which casue MC to crash because they are incomplete and do not supply /usr/lib etc. A nightmare

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    Follow Up

    Just downloaded Debian 6. Put it on the second hard drive in my Linux box - LVM is outlawed - AND IT FAILED. Installed fine - dual boot with Centos OK sort of. First boot failed so went into recovery boot. Network manager fails. Hardware app shows it picks up the network adapter but does not recognise it as such - just an unrecognised Rhine device. So no internet even after trying to set up network manually. It has the wired option greyed out.

    Perhaps Linux is not for me after all. It is an abomination. All those distros and only Centos works. Might do a torrent for Max OS

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    Use synaptic in Ubuntu, it downloads the dependencies for you.
    Registered Linux user #526930

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    Obviously the start of this thread was missed. Ubuntu I would love but it flatly refuses to work on my hardware. Debian 6 seems to be too buggy. I reinstalled in expert mode and got the network sorted, but there seems to be a common bug about policykit1-kde - seems it crashes frequently for others as well - like immediately after login.

    Worst of all was booting up in rescue mode. It dumped me to a shell already logged in as root and NO PASSWORD REQUIRED. I do not think I will be trusting that distro. It makes the Titanic look like a cork.

    Of course it only starts up when it feels like it, less than 30% of the time. So it has been deleted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HROAdmin26 View Post
    That was a good article, I'll be forwarding that to any friends who try out Linux

    Quote Originally Posted by mshater View Post
    All those distros and only Centos works. Might do a torrent for Max OS
    Maybe it's not for you, or maybe you're just trying the wrong distros. Put it this way, I put Linux on old computers to give to people who need a computer of some description. So far, out of 7 computers (haven't been doing this for long), I've had one fail to install - I fixed that by using the LXDE spin of Fedora instead of the normal GNOME. We concluded that the motherboard is damaged in that one though, there are a lot of things it doesn't do properly including running XP.

    And of those 7 computers, plus my laptop and desktop, my sister's laptop, and two computers that my dad put on, none have had any problems with wired connections.

    It's certainly not a common thing for so many distros to fail, in my experience. But then, it definetly doesn't look like you're using the right distros. What about Puppy or Damn Small? Popular, but designed from the ground up to have low system requirements.

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