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    New help in Setting Up Email Infrastrucure

    Hi All,

    Requirement: We need to setup an Infrastructure which will include a Directory Server and Email Server for around approximately 1000 users initially. We need to understand:-

    1 What all Software Products we need to have, as far as our understanding we need following

    a. Server Operating System

    b. Directory server

    c. email server

    d. setup PoP3, IMAP, SMTP

    e firewall

    2. What is the good hardware configuration required for above requirement?

    3 What would be the Licensing Cost for all the Software Products, and what is the procedure to get the License? We will prefer to keep the cost to minimal and if possible setup the whole architecture on a Linux based environment.

    4. Is there any way to get ready-made Hardware/software infrastructure for the above requirement available on Internet Cloud for Commercial Purpose?

    5. If we setup the infrastructure on our own, what is the procedure to get it online?

    6. Any Industry Best Practices, Ins and Outs for the same?

    7. Any web links that can help us?

    Location: India, New Delhi

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    What directory server you need? Windows Active directory or just an LDAP directory for users information?

    There is commercial solutions, take a look at or seek commercial support for on of the popular Linux mail servers, namely Exim and Postfix.

    I am a mail server expert, I do large scale mail setup with 1,000,000+ users, spanning multiple distributed servers, all using Linux and open source software.

    for 1000+ users, you will need one dedicated server, two if you want high availability, many options are available, but first you have to set your target and define your requirements precisely.

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