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    Google acquires Motorola Mobility

    Android just became much more of a force in the mobile industry:

    Google Buys Motorola, Sets the Stage for the Future of Mobile

    As most of you now know, Larry Page, CEO of Google, announced in a blog post yesterday morning that the company has agreed to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. This is a huge announcement for the mobile community especially since Android already controls a little under half of the mobile market. Now, with the patent power of Motorola, little will hinder Androidís growth.
    More details about the purchase here:

    Google Buys Motorola, Sets the Stage for the Future of Mobile - Forbes

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    I'm sure this caught a lot of people by surprise (I'm one of them). Hopefully this helps Android become more of a force to be reckoned with.

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    I disagree. Maybe phones are ok with android, but I have a netbook that runs arm7 and android 2.1, and would happily ditch android for meego, or antix, if I had the knowledge to break into root and knew how to port to the arm7 cpu and board. Android is too much like windows, you do it their way, and can't upgrade to say android 3.0. Again, phones may be great with it, but for netbooks, I'll take linux over android any time.
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    I, for one, love this news. I just upgraded to a Motorola Atrix about 3 weeks ago, and am looking forward to possibly getting Ice Cream Sandwich on it.

    I doubt I would buy a netbook with android on it, but I would certainly get a tablet with android. A motorola tablet for sure, lol. A lot of the new Android phones and tablets are using the Nvidia Tegra chipsets (my atrix uses the Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset for example) with multi core processors.

    Motorola is one of my favorite phone manufacturers and IMO they just got better.

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    I think this is awesome news as well, so awesome that I am posting from my vacation hotel room (everything is great). I really think this is going to help Google defend Android and Manufacturers in this storm of patent lawsuits between Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, etc, etc, things just got really interesting for sure.
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