I'm looking for individuals to help program an Operating System. We're trying to create a revolutionary new distribution of Linux. Our goal is to create an OS that will revolutionize the desktop interface. We've already created an amazing interface but we just need the help to get this thing off the ground. Not only this but to create a new brand of interfaces beyond KDE/Gnome. I'm specifically looking for someone who has a love for Linux and wants it to get a big break as a user supported mainstream Operating System. We unfortunately cannot pay at the moment because we as a company are struggling. Were looking for our big break and give Linux the credit it deserves with an incredibly easy to use, beautiful interface that is more innovative and creative than KDE/Gnome. I've had enough with being forced to use Windows and Mac. Other Linux distributions are okay, but I want more out of the amazing system that is Linux! If anyone is interested please reply. Thank you!