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    Research about linux on movies

    Hi guys, I am searching for titles of movies or TV series where you can see something about linux.
    It can be a computer running a linux terminal or a linux desktop or linux books, ... everything.

    If you know the name of any movie where you can see something linux related please post it here.


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    Here's a quote from '' about Linux in movies:

    In the the movie "Blood Work" there is a scene where actor Clint Eastwood is interviewing a witness to a murder.
    Prominently displayed behind this person is a Redhat Linux 6.1 book; and the entire bookshelf has Linux books.
    Hope this helps


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    I know that title

    That was the only one i was able to find.
    I know there is also a scene on matrix reloaded.
    But that's all.

    Anyone knows something else?

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    Not quite Linux but it could be. Grab it here
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    Slitaz Linux



    Anything you can think of to type into google video search will turn up something.
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    I was speaking about movies not videos

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    If you've not seen it, look at the new TRON movie. There is a sequence early on that shows, I do believe, Solaris in use.
    And again, later in Flynn's lab, there is a *Nix OS running on the computer.

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    I already found about that movie but i did miss the second shot in flynn's lab.

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