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    Hello Linux users


    Thought i would join Linux Forums and get some help and learn more about Linux.

    I am running PCLinuxos Full Monty 2011 Version, KDE 4.6.5. Kernel-version:


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    I can be found either 40 miles west of Chicago, in Chicago, or in a galaxy far, far away.
    Welcome, and feel free to ask whatever Linux-related question you have. Just post them in the appropriate forums so you get help from the right people.
    Sometimes, real fast is almost as good as real time.
    Just remember, Semper Gumbi - always be flexible!

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    Thanks for the welcome Rubberman.

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    Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you join us.
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    Hello Linux Users

    Thanks MASONTX.

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    Quote Originally Posted by linuxmonty View Post

    Thought i would join Linux Forums and get some help and learn more about Linux.

    I am running PCLinuxos Full Monty 2011 Version, KDE 4.6.5. Kernel-version:

    Hi, linuxmonty,

    I've never heard about the PCLinuxos Full Monty 2011 Version before, Would you like give a brief overview about it? Thanks

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    Hi vincentyang,

    What is KDE-FullMonty?
    KDE FullMonty = regular PCLinuxOS KDE installation + special desktop layout + many applications & drivers preinstalled.
    FM applies a new concept: activity-focused virtual desktop layout, which is designed to address typical user-needs/tasks, make their life easy, and working on the computer straightforward and fun. So, what does the typical user do with a computer?
    1) check email/internet/chat/IM? Goto desktop 1 and you find all you need directly on the desktop.
    2) office work to do? Goto desktop 2 where you will find LibreOffice, kile, scribus, etc…
    3) want to play a quick game? Goto desktop 3 and relax with a quick game
    4) listen to or convert music, watch/make DVDs, etc? Goto desktop 4 for any multimedia task
    5) working with images/photos? Goto desktop 5 to scan, post-process, draw, etc.
    6) system info/administration/configuration? All on desktop 6.
    Just click the desktop for your activity and start working in a dedicated environment….

    KDE4-FullMonty features:
    * kernel, KDE 4.6.5, added many apps, and fully updated
    * all kind of drivers/applications to deal with any kind of external hardware like cell-phones, scanner, printer, webcam, TV, Bluetooth, IPod, radio, etc.
    * 6 activity-focused virtual desktop layout, each with task-related desktop launchers of popular applications. Independent of the selected virtual desktop, any application can be accessed from the PCmenu.
    * customized fixes for wine and other applications; customized toolbar layout for konqueror, dolphin, and kwrite; window-focus strictly under mouse
    * suggested minimum HW-requirements: 1 GB RAM, 20 GB harddisk, (3D-graphic card – not mandatory but strongly recommended).
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    Desktop 4, 5 & 6
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    Quote Originally Posted by linuxmonty View Post
    Desktop 4, 5 & 6
    Hi, linuxmonty,

    Thanks for your reply. Through i have never used it before, I have competely attracted by kinds of its functions. would you like to tell me how i can get it?

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    vincentyang, In your search engine type pclinuxos fullmonty 2011 you should be able to find the website. i can`t post the link in here as i have not made enough posts yet.

    Now i have made 6 posts and next to my name says 0 posts, what is the go there ?

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