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    making a distro?

    Ok , I finally have this os the way I want it. I.e all the packages / services / software are installed that I want, the default desktop session is configured...etc etc

    I have this os running perfect on this HDD drive with all the folders etc , usr , dev , proc , var ,...etc etc (typical linux directory structure)

    Now is their away to make an install cd/dvd for this os that I have on my HDD.

    Basically I would like to make it so I could give out a cd/dvd that people could input into their computer and install the exact same os I have on my HDD drive.

    I know I could use dd command and make a disk image of it but I was wondering how ubuntu and other linux distro provide an iso or install cd/dvd that is only 700MB or less...etc etc
    And allow the user to try it in ram before installing it to HDD.

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    try Remastersys

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