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    Shout out to the Open Source Community

    I tend to do a lot of complaining on here, so I wanted to share a positive experience and thank the developers and programmers of the open source community.

    I had to replace the hard drive in my Eee PC. I installed XP Home and LMDE. Got everything the way I wanted it and then booted into Norton Ghost to clone the hd. The attempt to clone fails and Ghost just says there is something wrong with the Linux partition. That's all it says. >_>

    I boot into Clonezilla and that gives me all the info I need! It tells me there is something wrong with partition sda2 (my intended swap partition) because...

    <------- this guy here

    ...tried to set the file type of the swap partition as ext2. *headpalm*

    So I boot up into GPartEd and fix the swap partition. Now, the hd is* cloning just fine. Never would have got all that resolved with Windows and other $$$ software (only because I don't have the money to buy that stuff). GNU Foundation for the win! Thank you programmers and developers of the open source community for all your hard work!

    Linux rocks (even though it angers me sometimes)!!
    * It should be noted that I do not know if this was the actual problem. I am only assuming it was because the swap partition didn't show up in clonezilla after fixing it and the clone went smoothly.

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    I have to use a few Windows machines and have experienced this as well. Problems in Linux? Google and you will find the answer and how to fix it. Problems with Windows? Google and you have to wade through a zillion programs someone is trying to sell you to fix your problem before eventually finding the answer. Thanks to the open source developers for all they do. It's good to support their projects monetarily when and if possible as they have to feed their kids too. Gparted is a really handy utility. I can't imaging computing without it.
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    I tend to do a lot of complaining on here
    Really? I never figured you for a hissy fitter. (Just funning). I never heard of making a /swap as ext2 file system. Was this a swap file instead?

    I am good at breaking my installs. My EEEPC 900 internal soldered 4 gig SSD is throwing ata errors on bootup messages but makes it to AntiX in the end. I broke it doing a disk check on it and probably murdered a few sectors but that is what external SD cards are for (running Linux).
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