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    Windows installer for ubuntu

    I found this on a Jan 07 online magazine archive and thought it was interesting.

    "If you havenít heard yet, thereís a new Ubuntu-oriented project thatís been making waves: install.exe. In short, itís a way to install Ubuntu onto the same file system as Microsoft Windows without repartitioning your drive. Justifications include minimizing the risk of data loss during repartitioning, a more user-friendly installation process, and eliminating the need of burning a CD to install. However, is there truly a need for an Ubuntu installer for Windows?"

    Has anyone ever heard of this project or know what happened to it?
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    I remember reading something like that a while back.
    If I'm not mistaken, that was one of the first public announcements for what would become Wubi.

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    I used to use Wubi when I first started out with linux and Ubuntu. It was really nice not to have to repartition.

    My entire disk was located in a file called root.disk. This was mounted as a loop device. I don't remember other particulars about how exactly it worked. I believe the directory root.disk was in contained grub files, which the new boot sector pointed to.

    It all worked spectacularly until I tried to upgrade to a later release of Ubuntu. My distro completely freaked out. I wasn't linux savvy enough at the time to even begin to figure out what was wrong with it, but I managed to save root.disk and reinstalled Ubuntu, recovering my files and all.

    I've heard that this is still a problem for many people upgrading their versions even into 11.04. Don't know about 11.10, though.

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