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    Cool Coffee Time!!! Hi all ye "here" :D

    I just registered on this forum (suggestion in the welcome mail) after having jumped into the unknown. I thought "Yeah! Let's just add more unknown, maybe I'll find the unknowable that way! Muhhahhahaaa!"

    More seriously, just one day ago I moved over an Acer Aspire 5315 to Fedora 15, after having spent two days on solving the infamous Acer fan problem.

    And from the corner of my eyes I can see the Samsung R510 sitting there quietly, asleep. It also overheats due to fan problems. That problem can be "healed" by getting the Fn keys to work. The samsung tools (available on Ubuntu and by compilation of source also on Debian) could do that. But, that would be too easy. And I have heard:

    "Greg-KH driver is available in Kernel 2.6.39 but does not support as many laptops as the Voria modded version. Over time this will improve."

    Just keeping my fingers crossed the R510 is already included. I found no list of all types already included in the Greg-KH driver. We have concocted a very creative external fan for it with a cotton box to guide the air, to at least be able to do an install before it shuts down.

    But for now I'm still on this Acer (I can hear the fan softly whooshing), and the immediate problem after the Fedora 15 installation.

    "Error: Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: rpmfusion-free. Please verify its path and try again"

    What path? Where? I've found the thread on this forum on the problem, but not a focused list of things to check yet. I'm going through the thread, trying out this (yum clean all), and that (messing about with files in /etc/yum.repos.d/). So far, no solution in sight ... Maybe it's my router that's set on maximum security or somin like that?

    Pleased to meet ye all! Time for coffee!!! (Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind ~ Terry Pratchett)

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    Welcome aboard!

    Sounds like you're having a good time with it. That's always a plus
    Just in case you haven't run across it, here a great site that may help you out with some of the minor issues in Fedora: Personal Fedora 15 Installation Guide


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    Thank Youse Jayd512

    Ok, great. That's very helpful, having a list of all kinds of things to check and set up after installation.

    I love the swamp (lots of little interesting plants and critters), but thanks for the lifeline. This way I get to see way more of the swamp than just this part. And yes, trouble shooting is "good times". Why else do it, eh?

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