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    Looking for someone to interview for a paper

    I am conducting research for a mini-ethnography I am writing. The subculture I chose for my paper was the Linux subculture and it's users. If anyone has the time to answer any or all of these questions, it would be greatly appreciated

    Please try to be as descriptive as possible.
    1. How long have you been using Linux?
    2. How and why did you start using Linux?
    3. What keeps you devoted to Linux?
    4. Does Linux benefit you? If so, how?
    5. What are your views on other operating systems (i.e. Windows, Mac OSx) ?
    6. Which distribution of Linux do you use? Why?
    7. Have you used other distributions in the past? If so, which ones and what made you change?
    8. Do you use Linux for your work?

    Also, feel free to add any additional information about your Linux and computer background. The paper I am writing is more focused on the typical Linux user, rather than Linux itself.

    Thank you! PM me if you'd like to tell me more

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    1) I began using Linux in 2002, with Red Hat 9. Since then I have tried many different distributions. I spent three years using Gentoo, two using Ubuntu, and now I am using Arch.

    2) I began using Linux as a means of sharpening my programming skills. I had an internship coming up where I needed to program Perl, and I decided to use Linux to do that. I purchased a CD of Red Hat 9 at (I believe) CompUSA, and installed it that evening. I had help from a Linux-using friend to get it all set up.

    3) Linux is about choice and control. It is about knowing exactly what your computer is doing, and being able to tweak anything that you don't like. When I have to use a Windows machine now, even simple things like being unable to scroll a window that isn't focused or the inability to edit configuration using a powerful editor are huge source of pain and annoyance for me. Whereas under Linux, someone has had my same problem and has written software to solve it that I am freely able to use.

    4) It makes me more productive and secure. It helps me streamline my computer use to be as effective as I can be.

    5) Windows and Mac OS X historically target different userbases, and there is nothing inherently wrong with them. Linux tends to target people who want to know more about what their computer is doing; even "user-friendly" distros like Ubuntu encourage this. Mac OS X tends to focus on a computer that just works, and prevents you from straying too far from an encouraged standard. Windows allows choice of software, but little configuration over the standard OS and user experience, with the aim of providing a stable platform to the largest set of users. In my opinion, at least.

    6) I currently use Arch Linux, but as I said above, I have used many distros in the past. Arch has so far given me the most control over my system without a strong ideological bent (Debian) or hassle (Gentoo).

    7) My main distro used to be Gentoo, but I switched away due to problems with its package management system, the hassle of installing the distro itself, and the lack of documentation. From there I moved to Ubuntu, since I wanted a system that just worked. I recently moved away from Ubuntu due to its update process which both interfered with my preferred environment and due to it breaking my package management. I also began to dislike the choices that the distro was making as far as what software to include and the replacing of standard Linux components with their own custom (and, to my mind, inferior) solutions.

    8) I do.

    I work as a professional software developer and studied computer science in university. I have used Linux exclusively as an operating system since 2006.

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    1. I have only been using Linux for about a year now, so I am a newbie

    2. I was recommended Puppy and DSL linux for an old laptop I bought by a friend.

    3. There are many things that keep me devoted to linux. It has very little virus problems, it can be customized greatly, can run on older computers, and can have eye candy. And many more. Like mentioned above though, I think one of the main things is how you can actually know what the computer is doing. And there are many different free add ons and software to chose from.

    4. Linux keeps me from worrying about viruses as much, I still worry about viruses quite a bit though But thats just me. And it is free (most of the time) so that saves a lot of money from buying windows or mac os X for all my computers.

    5. I haven't ever really used Mac computers. I have used PC's before and always have one for programs and school that only windows can use. Windows just seems a bit of a resource hog compared to some linux distros, and it can't be customized as much. And Mac OS looks pretty cool, but I have never used it before.

    6. I am currently using Kororaa, Bodhi, puppy linux, macpup, debian, ubuntu, and a couple others. I am open to almost any distro of linux. Puppy linux is my rescue distro and for older computers that can't run anything else. Kororaa is my distro for the computer I built, I like the security features of it and how nice it just overall seems. Bodhi is a newer distro that I ran into and am trying out now. Debian I am just now trying out, and Ubuntu I am using in Virtual box just because I can

    7. I used to use vector and a couple others, but I just like the distros I use now more. I never cared much for KDE style desktops :P

    8. I don't have a job right now, just a teenager

    Hope that all helped somehow.

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    1. I've been using Linux for ten or so years. And it has been my sole operating system at home for nearly six years now.

    2. I heard about this thing called Linux and was curious, so I tried it out. It wasn't love at first install, but the philosophy behind it is such that I couldn't leave it and kept trying again. I was amazed at the speed of development and at some point it stuck

    3. I don't know that I am devoted but I am certainly a Linux / FOSS advocate and I do like the sense of control you get with it and the community behind it. I like the choice as well. Maybe I am devoted after all.

    4. Of course it benefits me! I get to use a secure, simple and free(dom) operating system without the worries of viruses and malware. While they do exist for Linux, they are rare and usually rely on you doing something more stupid than usual. I could get Linux for Free (Price) and in fact I do but choose to make a small donation each month to help fund development, along with many others in the community.

    5. I don't need them as they have nothing to offer me.

    6. LMDE and CrunchBang (#!) because I like them. I prefer things that are Debian or Slackware based.

    7. Yes many different distros and even BSD because I like to know what's out there. I've settled on the ones I like the best.

    8. Only CentOS on our servers. Our desktops are Windows.
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    1. I've been using Linux since early 2006.
    2. I first heard Linux mentioned in a casual conversation with some co-workers, and asked for a few details about it. layed with a few LiveCDs, and setup my forst dual-boot a few weeks later.
    3. Several things. I like knowing that my system is as secure as I want to make it. It's stable and more responsive than other OSs would be on the same hardware. A friendly community and an abundance of online documentation.
    4. In several ways, yes. Not only am I able to rest easy in the knowledge that my computer is stable and secure, it also provides me with a hobby to tinker with in my free time.
    5. For the most part, I don't have any issues with Windows. I don't agree with some of the integrated 'features', but that's one mans opinion. I'll keep my thoughts about Apple products to myself... I don't wanna get banned!
    6. Currently, I run Slackware. Even though I'm not a pro with Slack, there is a simplicity to its use that appeals to me.
    7. Installation-wise, I started off with Fedora Core 6, and used it steadily until version 10. Certain changes in the system that I didn't like made me look around at other options. Since then, I've run Ubuntu, Mint, CRUX, Slack and a few others.
    8. Yes. I use it for some system clean-up on Windows machines.

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    1. How long have you been using Linux?
    I have been using linux since well the late 2010
    2. How and why did you start using Linux?
    I started using linux for a combonation of reasons first i had a very old system and i wanted to make it well useable, so i installed puppy 4.3, also i posted something about linux and come to find out an alumni of my high school who i am good friends with works on linux cloud servers for a living he gave me lots of linux info and to this day he still does.
    3. What keeps you devoted to Linux?
    The fact that i just find it so much better than all other operating systems everytime i get on a computer that doesnt have linux i boot from a live cd or my flash drive. It is fast and efficient and flexible
    4. Does Linux benefit you? If so, how?
    Yes linux benefits me i don't have to update anti virus software i can fix my friends computers with live cds i can do so many things with it that how cant it benefit me?
    5. What are your views on other operating systems (i.e. Windows, Mac OSx) ?
    I cant stand windows at all every time i get on a machine with windows on it and i forgot my live cd/flash drive i always find something wrong with it. Mac os x i can deal with it being a unix based operating system so i find it more familiar although i usually get on a Mac and ssh into my machine at home lol
    6. Which distribution of Linux do you use? Why?
    Well for my servers i like to use redhat based distros my server right now runs on centOS i like the reputation of redhat, but i like my laptops and desktops and everyday use machines to run ubuntu i think it is more visually appealing and i like deb packages
    7. Have you used other distributions in the past? If so, which ones and what made you change?
    I used puppy linux and knoppix i changed because i upgraded my hardware and puppy wasn't as useful as ubuntu in my mind and knoppix i figured out quite quickly why it was suppose to be ran as a live cd and not installed. i wouldn't change anything they are used very well when you use them as they are intended.
    8. Do you use Linux for your work?
    Well i dont have a job but my friend who i mentioned before who works on cloud servers trains me so i use linux for the servers i work on

    Sorry this is kinda sloppy i am in web design class lold

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    1. How long have you been using Linux?
    approx. 13 years
    2. How and why did you start using Linux?
    combination b/t work (computer training company) and a friend (who ran an ISP startup) suggesting it would be a good idea
    3. What keeps you devoted to Linux?
    1. free-ness
    2. flexibility/customizability
    3. power
    4. geek street cred
    5. requirement @work
    4. Does Linux benefit you? If so, how?
    Linux benefits me financially for obvious reasons.
    Linux keeps my brain well oiled b/c I'm always trying to teach myself new things and Linux makes this a very tangible thing.
    Linux allows me to run things at home as I wish (security-wise, app servers, etc.) with as much control as I wish.
    Linux runs my TiVO, and watching TV w/o commercials makes me happy.
    5. What are your views on other operating systems (i.e. Windows, Mac OSx) ?
    Windows is great if you don't care about realizing the potential of your hardware, and don't care about customizing your system, and don't need to spend a lot of time using various kinds of software to get things done, and you have money to throw at your computer problems.
    Never had my own Mac, but Gee, they look nifty. They are really pushing the envelope when it comes to user interface, and that's a good thing. But I don't need to pay for all those bells and whistles, though. I'm happy w/what I can coax out of Linux.
    6. Which distribution of Linux do you use? Why?
    Fedora, b/c:
    1. very popular distro = great community support
    2. close ties to Red Hat, which I use @work
    3. considered bleeding edge, and I use a lot of screwy hardware
    4. cut my teeth on a dozen Red Hat 6 floppies in the 90s, so there is our (torrid) history together
    7. Have you used other distributions in the past? If so, which ones and what made you change?
    I used SUSE b/c work used it - didn't like YAST, never got used to it.
    I use and love CentOS (@work and home), still use it.
    I used Mandrake back in the day, just b/c it ran Enlightenment.
    I occasionally use Ubuntu, but I dislike apt-get and sudo everything and brown.
    I use Debian derivatives to run ARM/embedded PCs - pretty cool.
    8. Do you use Linux for your work?
    Yes, Fedora, Red Hat EL, CentOS, and occasionally Debian derivatives.

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    Thank you everyone! This is helping me out tremendously

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