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    unix/linux on win 7

    where can I get the unix/linux download link, which I can install on windows 7, just for learning purpose. A small s/w for learning unix on win machine


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    Do you mean Cygwin ?
    Cygwin provides a unix-like environment on windows.
    Especially as a beginner, this might lead to additional issues as you cannot be sure if a behaviour is wanted or a limitation.

    Tbh -especially for learning purposes- I would suggest a native linux/unix.
    A Virtual Machine comes to mind.
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    Could you plz guide me in downloading and installing this s/w (native linux/unix) and how much space is needed.

    Cygwin I remember it was a small s/w some 20mb, which I found on net in 2005, now I am not able locate that s/w it is big 200mb + and not easy installation as well.

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    Ah, cygwin is not so hard to install - at least these days. Btw, it is here, if you are looking for it. I use it all the time when I'm forced onto Windows.

    Irithori is right, though - get a Virtual Linux OS up and running. You could try VirtualBox.

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    I second the idea of a virtual linux install. I use vmware player on Windows and it is very easy to use and it is free. You can create your own linux virtual machine or you can download some already made, also for free.

    Good luck

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    Could you please help me in understaning the installation and is it easyly uninstallable wmware? where can I find the free version plz provide the link

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