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    Lightbulb Minty Freshness!

    mint x86_64 base install to toshiba satellite L645 from a liveUSB made with pendrive linux: so far so good, even the wifi likes it!

    Been reading about people having trouble with their wifi. Thought I'd post this to let you know there's still hope.

    EDIT: system seems to support a dual boot with mepis11 as well, though without the wifi but it's functional as a workstation
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    The wifi adaptor may not be working under mepis for several reasons, most likely is missing firmware - though I'm not familiar with mepis it is derived from debian stable, so it's possible.

    The quickest way to check for missing firmware is to grep dmesg output for it as follows:

    dmesg | grep -i firmware
    If it spits something about missing firmware:

    aptitude install firmware-realtek
    Reload module, configure the interface, etc.
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    Thanks for the tip. Ran sugested test=No lack of firmware, just the wrong version. Found correct version in debian backports, even added as a source, but synaptic doesn't list the version I need as being available for retrieval.
    Not a major deal since a boot to mint allows wifi, but it would be nice to do the same with a debian system. I'll keep at it from here and post any success later.
    -TO THE MODS- yes, i'll kindly redirect this to the laptop &/or debian section. Hadn't intended on this becoming a howto issue.
    Thanks again.

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    To install from backports you can run
    sudo apt-get -t squeeze-backports install <package-name>
    or if the distro doesn't use sudo then
    apt-get -t squeeze-backports install <package-name>
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