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    the wonderful world of Linux

    must say that with a quick google of linux forums, and at a quick glance seeing these messages
    Help requests go here if you are new to the wonderful world of Linux and need help getting started

    First of all, a very big welcome to you from all of us at!

    We are very happy that you've decided to become a part of our active Linux community

    LinuxForums Rules Everyone involved tries hard to keep Linux Forums(LF) free of trolls, spam, flames, etc and keep LF a positive place to discuss...
    had to check in and say hello.

    turns out i think that i made my first ever postings right here years ago when i finally got online with linux, a HUGE thrill at the time

    luv to help new folks get going with linux and now that i have a few years under my belt, should be able to help out a few

    and of course there is no end to the wonders of linux, to learn from for anyone

    at least some folks look at it that way

    currently distro hopping, but i think overall so far, pclos (~07-9) has been one of my favorites, but lotsa good stuff out there also

    easy as possible with a focus on the OS gets my attention quick, but a positive spin to linux prob means more for me these days, along with what exactly a particular distro is about, there are some things that i will certainly not support

    seems to me there is alot of nonsense out there that typically comes with linux

    but, diff strokes for diff folks and of course, a big beaut with linux is an abundance of options

    recently checked out vector 6 light for the first time which i liked along with pclos 2010 phoenix, both in vmware

    EDIT - oops, thought i was posting in feedback and suggestions
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    No problem, coffee lounge is the right place. Welcome back.
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    thx, just found this also

    Linux Forums - Where People Come For Linux Help
    any history for noobs as to the above quoted words? as well as these? - "GNU Linux Zone"

    i like the choice of "people" here, means everyone

    after glancing at the rules, i like these parts also
    Obviously as a publicly-accessible community we have guidelines of what is acceptable and what is not so that we remain just that - a happy, vibrant community.
    no religious posts, political posts,

    not sure about this part?
    no cross-posting, or redirect links
    I find questions often are poor and often just post a link to > "how to ask a question" then if i don't see motivation, response, involvement etc from a poster or OP, i usually tune out

    in Forum Etiquette, this part jumps out
    Don't be disrespectful toward other distributions or operating systems
    looks like there is a focus here that appeals to me
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