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    Imho, at some point a saturation is reached.
    Under the hood, linux is linux is unix

    So whenever a new distribution comes out, I scan over the new items and/or approaches and try it if it sounds interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by truscotsman72 View Post
    Is there always a temptation to try new distros or is this a noob thing Im experiencing?
    That depends on you and your personality ^_^ I've been using Linux for years and was an inveterate "distro-slut" and while I have finally settled on Debian as my main distro I still am to a degree. I'm currently trying to build by first Crux system because it's fun!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irithori View Post
    Imho, at some point a saturation is reached.
    Under the hood, linux is linux is unix
    my saturation turned into focusing on easy ways to go about it, doesn't seem to be much of that out there, mostly i see overcomplicated mumbo jumbo, which is no big deal as an option if inclined

    after awhile, diff desktops or OSs are like diff motors under the hood, or a motor is a motor

    but i'm after the most from the least, generally

    haven't needed to go past ~ 2 gigs of physical ram or a single core cpu of ~ 2 - 3+ghz

    ran into a distro recently that wouldn't fire up on a single core rig
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    Quote Originally Posted by truscotsman72 View Post
    Is there always a temptation to try new distros or is this a noob thing Im experiencing?
    There might always be the temptation to try new distros. Depends on you, and on the distro
    Personally, I've come to the point where I know what I like, for the most part. But am willing to give a new version a shot once in a while.
    Take your time, and do your distro-hopping... After all, ain't nothin' wrong with being a bit of a distro-slut!

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    try a google of distro hopping junkie

    I had spent at least six months now jumping from distro to distro.
    Spending every evening and weekends installing and setting up a new ...
    If you are actually trying to feed the distro-hopping gluttony inside you
    Confirming el_koraco's diagnosis: I'm a huge distro-hopping junkie. ...
    Confessions of a Distro Hopping Junkie!

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    I distro hpped to find that I liked gnome better than kde, with xfce and lxde acceptable alternates to gnome. Then I hpped to determine which base I liked best, Ubuntu/debian based systems. Now I pretty much stick with ubuntu on newer systems and lubuntu on older hardware, but if gnome 3 isnt a lot better on ubuntu 12.04LTS, I may start hopping again.
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    I can be found either 40 miles west of Chicago, in Chicago, or in a galaxy far, far away.
    I also have a Dell D630 laptop, and ran Ubuntu on it for a long time. Unfortunately, I was not entirely happy with versions after 9.04, which was awesome in my opinion. It ran all of my hardware (built-in or add-on) out-of-the-box without the need to configure, install drivers, or fuss at all! It went downhill from there...

    Today, I run Scientific Linux 6.1 on it, and it is working great, although I had to fuss with getting the correct WiFi driver installed. Go to Welcome - Linux Wireless for help with that, should you need it. Once I got the correct driver/firmware installed, it has worked a treat!
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    Im glad to say everything is working out the box, all running sweet. Only thing that worries me is my fan kicks into double speed when I open a graphic heavy facebook game or youtube above 480p. It never used to on vista and Im wondering if its the graphics driver? Im having difficulty installing the proper graphics driver for the lappy (the name escapes me at this moment in time) and its using the standard driver that ubuntu supplied. I'll get there in the end

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