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    Smile format my hard drive to NTFS or NTSF! im goin back to windows for now

    how can i easily formate my harddrive to NTSF? i am going back to windows 7, and need another formate. can anyone please tell me step by step how to do it?

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    Hello and welcome!

    One of the easiest tools that I've found to use for partitioning is gparted when running from a liveCD, such as the PartedMagic LiveCD:

    Boot the liveCD, open gparted, then follow the menu options to achieve your desired result.

    I really don't think partitioning could get much easier.

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    If you are going back to Windows why not just let the Windows 7 installer format it?

    There is also a utility that is in many Linux distros (called ntfsprogs in Fedora) which could format it for you. You may be able to install it from your repos. I'd probably just do it in Windows though.

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    As said above, Win 7 should do this on the fly when you reinstall it.

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    yeah about that.. uhm, its downloaded kind of illegally. but i am on Windows Vista Home Premium now, and used a little tool called USB Recovery or something. bu thank you for your help

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