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    Just installed openSUSE: my thoughts!

    Let it be known that I am still new to Linux and trying out new things!

    Im using KDE for the first time now guys. I really like what I see with open-SUSE 12.1. It looks the part and I never been more motivated to use Firefox as my default browser for some reason. In open-SUSE 12.1 Firefox seems perfect compared to the other distros I tried like Linux Mint 11 and Ubuntu 11.04. The only problem I have is getting use to how openSUSE deals with installing software. Its easy but not as easy as a Debian based distros. Also I dont understand why I can not create icons on my desktop. Well I could be they have to be inside that little plasma square that KDE provides on the desktop(Why I have no clue). Certain things like right clicking do not present options that you would expect in KED. I thing that KDE looks very modern but I find it harder to navigate then gome, gome 2.x that is since I have not tried gome 3.x yet. But I am torn because I really love the modern look of KDE, it almost reminds me of a mac but Im use to how gome functions in general and the applications associated with gnome. Should I stick with open-SUSE, or go back to Mint and just install gnome 3 since I am use to mint? Is there a good reason to stick with open-SUSE besides how damn sexy its KDE version looks?

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    I always say that if you like a distribution stick with it.; but be a hussy and keep trying other distributions as you may find one you like more.
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    Agreed. There is such a variety of distros, that trying a few out is really half the fun!
    And a good way to go about it is to either try them out in a virtual machine, or to setup a dual-boot system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DEdesigns57 View Post
    Let it be known that I am still new to Linux and trying out new things!
    Let it be known that new or old, there is no end to it!

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    You can create icons on your KDE4 desktop. I tend to change the desktop settings so that they mimic traditional desktops by right clicking on the desktop -> Folder View Settings -> Show the desktop folder. You can then drag and drop shortcuts from the menu to the desktop or create your own by right clicking on the desktop -> create new -> link to application. As for software management, Zypper which is command line based is quite similar to apt-get on Debian based distros and the GUI tools are great in my opinion. You can also do one click installs from packages that are available from

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