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    Can someone download it into the spammers computers, Please!!!
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    lol, an excellent prank to play on someone....

    What an awesome idea, Spam the spammers! with a suicide linux, sounds great :P. One problem how do distribute it without them knowing???

    I love your smiley jayd, it cracks me up every time i watch it. Its so true, i constantly misspell or put the wrong letter in somewhere in terminal like you lol. I wouldn't last 1 day with it before going F^$%.

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    I had no idea that the smiley would be such a hit...
    Glad I could give y'all a chuckle!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jayd512 View Post

    I had ni idea that the smiley would be such a hit...
    Glad I could give y'all a chuckle!
    Yeah, really kewl! Now, if we could just get TLF to adopt it as an "official" smiley...
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    I tried to play around with rm -rf* in my virtualbox. But I made sure I had a snapshot to recover with afterwards. Dangerous games...
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    The idea behind it seems overly drastic to me, so maybe it could be setup where you'd have to enter your commands correctly 3 times in a row after an error is made in order to proceed, rather than wiping the hard disk.

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    A safer option to do, if you make a lot of typo's is to just install sl.

    You don't want to know how often I've seen that bloody train go by ...

    I like things like sl, but the very second it starts to delete stuff it becomes a bridge to far for me. I go into a root shell nearly daily, if not daily, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to skip this one!
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