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    Have any other dog owners noticed this problem?

    I was testing out sound by playing some sample wav files. My dog suddenly went crazy. He rushed to the door and started shouting as if somebody had rung the bell. At first I thought it was just one of his enemies going by (he has a standing feud with another Jack Russell who lives a few doors away). But I soon discovered that just playing this file was enough to trigger the reaction. It features a female voice saying a few words. There's also a white noise file, but that didn't provoke any reaction at all.

    The speakers are very cheap and hissy. Do you think they could be outputting some ultrasound along with the voice?
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    My 3 dogs go nuts hazel when I startup my M/C Shop Desktop with my latest startup .wav file .discwav.

    antiX-forum - View topic - Custom Icewm and Fluxbox Startup sound. .wav file

    Must be the female voice because my .wav file is from the movie tron. My exhaust pipe startup .wav did not have this effect.
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    I had an old computer monitor back from when SVGA was the best you could get. In its last days, if I set the resolution to 1024*762 I could feel a small buzz from the monitor, But the dog in the back yard would go nuts!. If it was at 800*600 then everything was fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hazel View Post
    I was testing out sound by playing some sample wav files. My dog suddenly went crazy. He rushed to the door and started shouting as if somebody had rung the bell.
    My pup generally ignores all sounds from any audio speakers in the house, but she does alert to doorbell sounds coming from a speaker when they sound just like the doorbell on our house. I think she hears the majority of the sounds coming from the speakers and perhaps even recognizes many of them, but she understands they are not the real thing. Just guessing, though.

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    My pup generally ignores artificial sounds (speakers, phones, etc.). Though if she hears a dog barking on TV or some crazy bird-call type of thing, she'll look up and perk her head to the side... just a curious look, really.

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    My dog (may he RIP) would never show an indication that he was bothered by the various sounds coming out of my computer speakers, but TV humming regularly seemed to bug him.

    This might be slightly OT, but my wife goes bat-sh!t crazy about the TiVo rattling in the entertainment center (it's an original model from the old days that is stubbornly limping on...)

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