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    Making the Switch Well Kind of...

    Hi Everyone,

    I have no experience with Linux or programing, terminal etc but I'd love to learn. I like the look of Fedora and I have a WD Passport 500GB HDD usb 3.0.

    Would I be able to install and run Fedora from the WD drive without the risk of f*****g up my Windows 7 OS?

    Any tips or advice would be great. I'd like to end by asking why do you You use Linux?

    Pingu x


    I realize now this was not the best place for this thread I don't mind if you wish to delete it.
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    Hi, Pingu! Welcome aboard!

    Would I be able to install and run Fedora from the WD drive without the risk of f*****g up my Windows 7 OS?
    Absolutely! In fact, dual-boot systems are popular for just that reason.
    Here's a page that should help get you going on installing to your USB drive:
    Install Ubuntu 11.04 on external hard disk

    It's geared toward Ubuntu, but the method should be similar enough that you shouldn't run into any real issues.
    ...why do you You use Linux?
    Lots of reasons... Stability. Security. Customization. Price. Those reasons, among others.

    Hope some of that helps.

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    Thanks Jay!

    Hopefully next time I post here it will be from a Linux OS.

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    Keep in mind, Jay is correct....installing Linux is usually very safe, but stuff happens to the best of us....there's always a chance things could go south in a hurry. Try to be prepared for the worst if you have important data you need to keep. Good Luck.
    EDIT: I use Linux because it works best for my needs.
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    Like Jay said, you can totally install Linux to that 2nd drive. Just take care (like Mike warns) - during the Linux install, it will ask you (or should) if it may install the bootloader (grub) to the MBR (master boot record) of the root (probably your C: drive in Windows) hard drive. This won't harm Windows, but it will overwrite the Windows bootloader (NTLDR, or whatever they call it nowadays). Your Linux distro should still happily boot the "Other" OS just fine (you should get a boot prompt listing available Linux/Windows boot options), but just keep that in mind. There are easy methods for restoring the Windows boot manager, if you ever feel the need to revert.

    I love questions about why I use Linux...
    * It is free (as in speech and beer)
    * It empowers me to do things with my computer that I did not think could be done
    * It unshackles my computer from unnecessary constraints
    * It is hella fun to learn to use
    * It is seriously cool to whip out command line fu
    * I swear it'll make you smarter by using it b/c you want to keep learning more and more
    * No BSOD (though there is the occasional oops)
    * The community behind it is strong, growing, and wicked smart
    * The choices in software are endless
    * The choices in supported hardware platforms are pretty darn good and getting better all the time
    * This was never a reason before, but apparently this Linux thing is becoming widespread in the marketplace...
    * My TiVo runs it, and I hate commercials
    * The Matrix runs on Linux
    * Penguins

    (And to be fair)
    What I don't love about Linux:
    * I have to play the popular games on MS systems
    * How fractured the Linux "Operating System" is (based upon the zillions of distributions) makes it hard to standardize on things
    * Fonts just never look as good as they do on Windows (fonts are important to me)

    And don't feel too bad, i do most of my internetting on a Windows laptop. i've been too lazy to convert it yet, and old my Linux PCs are in the basement and it's fricking freezing down there...
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    Quote Originally Posted by atreyu View Post
    my Linux PCs are in the basement and it's fricking freezing down there...
    I don't think Tux minds the cold all that much.

    Thank you all for replying things are going quite well I've managed to get DVDs to playback at last. But there still is so much to get working Blu-ray (if possible?) CD Paranoia the list never ends.

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    good one. yeah, they like it down there, all right.

    good luck and keep the can-do attitude.

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