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    Quote Originally Posted by rokytnji View Post
    1st 2 marriages.
    As usual rocky nailed the question. I've totalled cars, trucks, etc, but none were as expensive as the marriages.
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    rokytnji wins the internet

    As for me, I destroyed a marriage, two boats, one (loaned) caravan and almost an aeroplane.

    About the latter. A friend of mine just got his pilot license, and to celebrate he rented a single engine aeroplane, and planned a trip from the Netherlands, over Belgium and Luxembourg to France and back. We had hardly taken of when he complained that the Belgians apparently had mounted their navigational beacons on the backs of very fast trucks that this aeroplane was unable to chase. Before no time, Eurocontrol was yelling at him to keep his course. We where going all over the place.
    It was only because his communication skills where good enough to convince Eurocontrol we where having difficulty with the navigational equipment that they did not scramble jets and force us down. We where voice guided to the nearest airfield where we should land because obviously our plane was not fit for flight. It was at that time that I realised I had left my mobile phone on.
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