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    @Sidekick, good to have you here. I know a lot of my friends lurk and I always give them a hard time but I'd never considered it was because someone is intimidated. Most people in the forums are pleasant and if you get past some social quirks and of course the limitations of typing vs. talking I think you'll be good. Occasionally I get irritated at how people speak to me but ultimately I realize that the fact that they are answering to begin with usually means they want to help.

    Also never be afraid to ask for clarification of what a technical term may mean, I've been using Linux for awhile now and still find myself often in forums thinking "what does that even mean!?"
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    The only dumb question is the one that isn't asked except the one about if you go over a date line on your birthday, how old are you? And that's only dumb because I don't know the answer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidekick View Post
    As a newbie I might not know how to ask a question.
    Most fora have a post at the beginning with a title along the lines of "The proper way to ask a question."

    A search of terms related to installing software, for example, might lead me to a confusing maze of unrelated posts to wade through.
    That is part of the learning experience. I still have the occasional problem of not knowing the correct words to use in a search. That is why my questions often begin with, "I have searched for, but cannot find ..." Which will usually receive links to threads one is looking for, and over time one improves search skills.

    A "newbie" section is a non-threatening, not so intimidating place for me to admit my ignorance.
    If someone has the courage to leave the familiar behind and embark on a journey of discovery into the unknown, that person should not be timid enough to be intimidated by knowledgeable people donating their time to answer questions.

    I can think of two fora off the top of my head that do not have newbie sections and finding information on those sites is quite easy, because the themed sub-fora organise questions and information into a relatively coherent structure. I am constantly moving ever closer to the opinion that a newbie section is unneeded, because it creates unnecessary duplicity. For example, installation questions in both the Installation and Newbie sub-fora.

    I dare say that a newbie section may even be problematic, because many people may view it as a refuge for the ignorant, creating, as cynwulf has said, a two-tier system. Regular sub-fora for the knowledgeable and a newbie section where people are free to ask foolish questions, simply because the "newbies" are not expected to know anything. Which actually is the case on some fora, in my opinion of course. Members of those fora would probably disagree.

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